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SmackDown Preview 5/31/13


Pull an amublance into the arena and make everyone think Scott Steiner is entering, because Big Poppa Pump is your hookup and it’s FRIDAY!

Tonight on SmackDown, from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada it’s a Shield Triple Header:

  • Kane vs. Seth Rollins
  • Daniel Bryan vs. Roman Reigns
  • Randy Orton vs. Dean Ambrose

In addition, Damien Sandow will have another mental challenge for you ignoramuses, Ryback takes on Kofi Kingston, Big E Langston and Alberto Del Rio continue their best of 100 series, Paul Heyman Guy: Curtis Axel faces Sin Cara, and Chris Jericho meets Cody Rhodes.

Seems like a good night of in-ring action. Let’s lighten up on the Raw Recaps, WWE. Deal?

Leave us a comment on the show or hit us up at @DukesWrestling on twitter! Enjoy the Show.

The Morning Roundup – 5/31/2013

UntitledThis is the last time I will talk to you good people in May as tomorrow brings June!  Here we go!

Antonio the German? – WWE on Youtube

I don’t usually watch entrance videos because, well, there is nothing to them.  Its usually the person’s name followed by a range of highlights that show off their skills.  However, the boards have been hot about Antonio’s new video because his theme appears to be a German flag and Germany’s national colors.  That’s all fine and good, I love the Germans, but Cesaro is from Switzerland.  His trunks are red, they have the flag on them, and they announce him being from Switzerland.  Has the WWE repackaged him or made a geographical mistake?

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Report: WWE Officials Not Happy With Mark Henry

Mark Henry

According to multiple reports, WWE officials are not happy with Mark Henry. The proprietor of the Hall of Pain took it upon himself to schedule some time away from the ring for what are being called “minor injuries.” WWE officials did not want him to take the time off and are unhappy. Henry has been in the WWE for some 17 years and surely has taken his fair share of punishment.

From all accounts, Henry was in line for a big push after his feud with Sheamus and possibly a face turn. It did seem as if momentum was building for the World’s Strongest Man, so let’s hope that if and when he returns to the ring, he’s able to regain that momentum.

The Morning Roundup – 5/30/13

MNRWe are getting in the final days of May now, hope you are ready for hot weather, cold drinks, and summer story archs!  Here we go.

Best Diva Photos – WWE on Youtube

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WWE Main Event Preview 5/29/13

In tonight’s episode, Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett makes his return to WWE Main Event, headlining a stellar three-match card.

1. IC Champion Wade Barrett vs. Sheamus (non-title match)

Fresh off of a beat-down from the Miz, Wade Barrett’s week doesn’t get any easier as a match with the Celtic Warrior awaits him. Luckily for Barrett, the prestigious Intercontinental Title is not on the line in what should be an entertaining matchup between two brutes.

2. Antonio Cesaro vs. Justin Gabriel

Main Event regular Gabriel takes on former US Champion Cesaro in what should be a terrific match. These two wrestlers had some memorable moments on WWE Superstats back when Cesaro had just debuted (and was still being accompanied to the ring by Aksana). Also, as Cesaro’s being featured less on Raw and Smackdown, he’s guaranteed to make the most of his lone televised match this week.

3. 3MB vs. R-Truth and Tons of Funk (Brodus Clay & Tensai)

Since 3MB (apparently) loves to makes music and Truth and Tons of Funk love to dance, it’s surprising that they’re always at odds. Despite that natural compatibility, don’t expect any new friendships to form during this trios match.

ALSO, *rumor* has it a certain “must-see” WWE Superstar will be making a cameo tonight!

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