Chad Dukes Wrestling Wrestlemania Interviews: The Funkasaurus Brodus Clay


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“Ladies and Gentleman please welcome the only living, breathing Funkasaurs in captivity, Mr. Brodus Clay.”

From the sounds of it, Brodus is just as much fun outside the ring as he is inside.  It is great to listen as Chad and Brodus go back and forth cracking jokes and talking the wrestling business.  Brodus touches on topics including Sweet T, Cody the idiot, and what it’s like to have “Greats” come back.

Brodus and Chad kicked their talks off with the best dancer on the roster, Sweet-T.  The man formerly known as Albert, A-Train, and Tensai has made the classic transition from hulking monster to fun-loving dancing machine.  It appear, Sweet-T is dedicated to his craft.

“He’s actually working on it right now.  He is in his ballet class, manages 3 dances classes, his commitment is shockingly unbelievable.”

Its not a front, Sweet-T really does love the craft.

“With Sweet-T, he is such an avid for dance.  I didn’t know that…I didn’t realize he was a thespian in the dancing arts.   We’re trying new things.”

Brodus switches gears from the fun they have before the match to the seriousness of their upcoming opponents, kind of.  Tons of Funk and the Funkadectayls are set to take on Rhodes Scholars and the Bella Twins at ‘Mania.  While they may be called Rhodes Scholoars, Brodus doesn’t think the name fits.

“The Rhodes scholars?  Only one of them is really smart.  Have you heard Cody say anything witty?  He never really says anything.  Its like Rhodes Scholars and Rhodes and the Bella Twins.”

While Brodus and Sweet-T have seamlessly gelled as tag team, Brodus has spent his career as a singles competitor.  In the current revival of the tag team division, Brodus was paired to help establish a dominant big man team, a staple of the WWE prior to the last two decades.

“Growing up, I love the tag times […] I like the whole persona of bringing back the big, tag-team wrestlers, we haven’t had those.  I think the last one, that was put together that was real successful, was the Natural Disasters.”

After the fun games of the first half of the interview, it takes on a more serious tone.  It has been noted in various wrestling reports that there is a rift in the back that the top of the Wrestlemania card is flooded with talent of the past.  Two sides have formed saying they are the only way to make money, while others argue the men there 365 days a week should get to shine.  Brodus gives his take on it all.

“I see both sides of that argument   Anytime a legend or someone has meant what he has meant to the business like the Rock, Triple H, Undertaker, even Brock Lesnar, they come into the biggest event of the year and they make it bigger, and for those of us trying to get their, obtain there, its a wake up call.  You gotta step your game up.  So when they do come they have to knock on your door.  If you have to look at it as a challenge.  i could see the other side of it where it could be disparaging   Like, ‘Aww man I worked hard all year but theirs no room because we have the greats.  But their the greats.  If you get great, get great.”

“I’m not one for complaining.”

Its no mystery that Brodus is a big guy, he is a member of a team called “Tons of Fun.”  Although it serves him well to be big for his character, it has to be hard to move in the ring with guys that are smaller and more fit.  Brodus talks about how he works with a specific trainer in South Florida, where they focus specifically on feet and getting his whole body in shape.

“The Funkasaurs has downsized quite a bit since I debuted.  I debuted right around that 445 mark and now I’m hanging around that 350 mark, 355 mark.”

For a while, it never seemed like Brodus Clay would make his debut.  They teased and teased and teased his debut.  Having been a guy who has come up the business through the “minors.”  He responds to who he likes that is “coming up,” and adds in a team I did not see coming.

“One of my favorite guys to watch is Austin Creed, he is amazing…a smaller guy that packs a punch.  I like Camacho.  I like, their getting ready to come back, him and Hunico.  Always been a big Camacho fan.”

Now, Brodus never forgets about the ladies.

“The girls down there (NXT) are crazy.  I think there is one, Emma.  I dont know if you’ve seen her.  She has this crazy dance, its the worst thing I’ve ever seen.”


The folks at CDWS would like to personally thank Brodus Clay for taking the time out to talk with us, we truly appreciate it!

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