Chad Dukes Wrestling WrestleMania Interviews: Paul Heyman


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Recorded Live on Radio Row at WWE Fan Axxess inside the IZOD Center in New Jersey, a man deeply associated with professional wrestling in the Northeast, Paul Heyman, was next up to speak with Chad Dukes Wrestling.

When Chad starts the interview by saying the Heyman Hustle is unbelievable, he isn’t joking. The former proprietor and mad scientist behind ECW has turned into quite the media mogul. Not only is he the representative of Brock Lesnar and CM Punk, his Heyman Hustle website not only breaks MMA and wrestling news, but now is challenging the TMZs of the world by breaking sex, sports, & entertainment news and being the antithesis of sites like the aforementioned.

Going into this year’s Mania, the intention is that the trio of Punk, Heyman and Brock Lesnar’s actions should make them three of the most hated men on the card. However, often from the older or “smart” fans, they are on the receiving end of cheers, signs, and chants. Heyman isn’t letting this “support” stop him from portraying a despicable character.

I’ve always gone by the concept that there’s no accounting for taste and if you’re cheering us you’ve got yo head firmly up yo ass. Because we hold you in contempt and disdain at all moments of the day.


One such action is the controversial use of Paul Bearer/William Moody’s death in the build to CM Punk versus the Undertaker. The topic has been discussed all over the web, including this site and Chad had the opportunity to ask Heyman about his involvement in the angle. And yes, it was designed to get your panties in a bunch.

I mean leave it to a Jew to portray a resurrection the day after Easter Sunday.

That was part of how offensive it was supposed to be! Of course, it was designed to offend! It was designed to be controversial! It was designed to piss people off and I wish it went even further than it did.

A dream match or dream team for any Paul Heyman would be CM Punk  & Brock Lesnar. Never one to shy away from conventional thinking, when broached with the rumors of a Lesnar-Punk clash down the line, Heyman eschews the idea that he’d have to choose a side in such a clash.

Listen if they happen to come to blows, I have both sides of a main event, that’s not bad. Isn’t that conventional thinking, I’d have to choose one side? Listen, tell ya my theory of life. I have a hot girlfriend. I have another hot girlfriend, on the side. Now, I can sit there and lie to them both and say, “Honey, you’re the one,” and then go to the other one, “Baby, you’re the one.” Or I can get them together and have the best of all worlds. Now you tell me, do you wanna live the double life, or do you sit there and say, can’t we all get along? So, why can’t I have both sides of the main event?


The topic then turned to Heyman’s involvement in the world of mixed martial arts. We’ve talked in the past about the inclusion of wrestling/sports entertainment elements being incorporated into the build for MMA fights. The question is always posed, after continued flirtations, would these two worlds ever collide? Heyman goes into fantastic detail on why the two worlds will never fully incorporate the other’s business model.

The moment you incorporate the concept of sports entertainment, once the bell rings into MMA, the desire from the MMA fan to look at everything involved and say it’s 100% legitimate is then compromised. Which would kill MMA here in this country, immediately. Plus, while there’s a desire from WWE Fans to see something 100% legitimate in terms of competition once the bell rings, there is no desire for the opposite, for the UFC, for the Bellator, or for the Invicta fan.

From what I understand the buyrate for Nick Diaz versus Georges St.-Pierre was through the roof and it doesn’t surprise me. Because it hada very sports entertainment style build, whether Diaz wanted it to be that way or not is a whole ‘nother story. That’s just him, he’s just being himself. But I think the lessons of pro wrestling certainly apply to MMA up until the time they say, “Let’s fight.”

Heyman guys like Punk and Lesnar are the reason in my view that guys like Chael Sonnen and Nick Diaz are the “characters” in MMA that they are today. Heyman is obviously an hybrid of an old school promoter with a forward looking view, he know what sells in the sports entertainment business but is also always looking to innovate. Being real sells.

That’s why so many people are riveted by CM Punk, that’s why he’s so mesmerizing to watch. Everything that man says on television is very real. He doesn’t pull punches. He’s authentic. He’s genuine. He’s not just reading a script. “I-want-to-be-the-.. no wait, no the best… the-best-in-the-world-to-day-be-cause-that-is-my-goal.” He wants to be the best in the world, he’s gonna tell you he’s the best in the world. He means everything that he says on television. Sometimes the volume’s amped up a little but he means what he says. Brock Lesnar’s very real. It doesn’t come anymore real than Brock Lesnar. What you see is what you get. Man doesn’t like human beings I think that translates on television.

It’s undeniable that these “Paul Heyman Guys” have made a tremendous impact on this industry. Guys like Stone Cold Steve Austin. Much like the majority of the WWE Universe, Heyman too wonders about the same “what-ifs” we discussed with CM Punk, on the electricity the general public feels between the two men.

I’m very intrigued by what could possibly happen if those two could step into the ring with each other. The chemistry with each other, and around each other, there’s a real combustible element there. You just know it. They have so much respect and admiration for each other, but man you look into each others eyes going, “man I’d really like to tangle with this dude.”

Heyman isn’t sure if the match would ever take place, but if this WrestleMania weekend is expected to make $150 million dollars, he wonders if the prospect of a multi million dollar extravaganza could lure the Rattlesnake back into the ring.

Let’s say Austin comes back for WrestleMania XXX, let’s say he comes back against CM Punk. Is that a $200 million dollar weekend in revenue? Is that a $200 million dollar gross revenue weekend and is the catalyst for that figure going from 150 to 200, Stone Cold Steve Austin? Now if that intrigues Steve, it intrigues me but I’m not Steve, I think Steve would be back.

An AMAZING interview, in my humble opinion from Paul Heyman. Be sure to listen to the whole interview above.

A huge thank you to Paul Heyman for joining CDW at WWE Fan Axxess at WrestleMania 29!

Order WrestleMania LIVE on PPV this Sunday from Met Life Stadium in New Jersey. If you’re in the DC/MD/VA area be sure to join us at the CDW WrestleMania 29 Viewing Party!



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  1. Happy Lars says:

    Man, I love Paul Heyman! Great interviews so far, guys.

  2. RyanD says:

    Heyman bringing the A-game…this is great. You can hear Chad’s ear to ear the whole time too. Well done.

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