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Are We Ready For Ryback to Rule?

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The extent of John Cena’s injury seems to be blurring the lines of kayfabe right now. One thing is for sure though, as of right now, he is facing Ryback for the WWE Championship at Extreme Rules.

The buildup of the storyline and intertwining of the Shield into the angle has been particularly well done. Injury or not, I’m legit wondering (/hoping) if Ryback is going to take the strap off of Cena.

Ryback Rules aside – is he ready?

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The Morning Roundup – 4/30/2013

#FlyingElbowsBeforeHoesQuick Tuesday, you know this.

Matt Classic – Worst Promo Ever.

I dont love Colt Cabana, I love Matt Classic.  This is great.  His Youtube promos are better than anything that was on Raw.  “I am wrestling one of them?  Never in my life.”  Better than the whole Jack Swagger story line.  “None of you better be cultural.”  I once killed a horse.

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10 Thoughts on Raw from Dukes 4/29

Two of us should not be fed anymore

Two of us should not be fed anymore

1)  Wow.  Big E vs 2 managers to start the show?  Ballsy to say the least.  While an interesting matchup, with Zeb being seemingly unable to take a bump, I’m not sure this should have been your show starter.   The finish was entertaining, so I don’t have a major gripe.  It was also nice to see how far Ricardo has advanced in the ring.  The dude can really take a beating.

2) I have to admit, it got a little dusty in my house during the “World Wish Day” segment.  Nobody does more of this kind of thing than John Cena. That cannot be swept under the table despite how gaudy his merch constantly is.  Amazing work by the WWE.  They don’t get enough credit for this type of thing.  It was a nice surprise to hear the crowd lay off the “Cena Sucks” shtick & play along as well.

3) I just came up with an idea for a post that I won’t follow through on and ask another writer that I don’t pay to do for the site: “Why isn’t Randy Orton a bigger deal?”  The sky was the limit for Orton.  The youngest WWE champion in history at the time.  He has been relatively stagnant for a number of years now.  He has the size, the look, the physique and is consistently over with the crowd despite little to no direction or a feud of note.  Is he still an issue backstage?  Do they not trust him?  Are injuries still a concern?  I honestly would love to hear someone spill the beans as to why he seems to have been relegated to mid-card.

4) The Bella Twins make a man’s loins vibrate.  Is “twincest” a thing?  Is this an appropriate topic?

5) The Shield is the best thing on Raw.  What a remarkable job WWE creative has done here.  We all expect successful stables to be broken up almost as soon as they form in modern sports entertainment.  Instead of that, this group continues to beat the top babyfaces in the company.  I don’t know what “justice” they have brought to the WWE, but the sky is the limit for all three of these gentlemen.  The fact that the Undertaker now seems to be working nearly a full schedule just to put these guys over?  That says something.  Put some straps on these 3 youngsters.  They deserve it.  Get to jumping for more amazing content… Continue reading →

Monday Night RAW Preview – 4/29/13

Some of the best Y2J moments have happened at the top of that ramp. Take his hand sweet heart – he’ll help your career. Right Fandango, Dolph Ziggler, and everyone else in the locker room?

The crew is back stateside after a long week crusading across Europe and have come home to the most Euro-centric city in America: Columbus, Ohio.

The weekend was full of chatter over John-boy injuring his Brad Pitt tendon. Is it hype? Is this a legit injury? Who cares – Cena is scheduled tonight!! He might have to lose an arm to get a night off.

For tonight – here’s what we have to look forward to:

  • Cena will team with Ryback to take on the Shield in a 3 on 2 handicap match. 
  • The World Heavyweight title picture remains congested as somehow Swagger still has the right to challenge Del Rio and better yet, Dolph Ziggler.
  • Zack Ryder is growing his hair out
  • Fandangoing might be seeing a curtain call. Will the crowd tonight pay homage to the ballroom-king?
  • Big E Langston will wear a singlet that appears uncomfortably small for a man with “Big” in his name.
  • And can despite being an inactive competitor for the better part of a year, can AJ be a sufficient challenge for Katilyns Diva’s title?

All this and more, when we live tweet tonight at 8pm for three hours. Let’s be honest – it will be the highlight of your night.

Raw 100 DVD Contest Winner Announced


A sincere thanks from all of us here at CDW to all of our readers on the responses to the contest.

It’s impossible to pick a winner simply based who’s our favorite wrestler. Every argument made was for a guy that we all love around these parts making the selection damned hard. That’s why we put the choice in the hands of the illustrious Academy of Sports Entertainment & Sciences. So if you didn’t win, don’t blame me…blame the academy!

So, our winner of the Raw 100- The Top 100 Moments in Raw History  DVD is…Shady with his argument for Wade Barrett.

Clear easy choice here. Its got to be Wade Barrett. He has the presence of the next great champion and should be a main stay as a main eventer for a long time. He will definitely be my pick to win MITB this year. He finally has a viable “out of nowhere” finisher with the bull hammer. His mic skills are just as good as anybody’s. and lets be honest, theres no stopping the Barrett Barrage!

All the names mentioned are fine selections for the next “Dolph” or  the next break out star, and many of them will achieve that status, however Barrett is probably the one closest to achieving that goal.

Congratulations to Shady (check your email!) and a HUGE thank you to everyone who participated in this contest.

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