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Impact Wrestling Preview – 2/28/2013

It’s the final day of February 2013.  If you’re doing the math at home, it’s been about a month since you last saw Jeff Hardy on Impact Wrestling.  Hardy was pulled from the organization’s tour of England due to his 2009 legal issues in the country.  As a result, the World Championship match for the upcoming pay-per-view has had even less build-up than usual.

Hulk Hogan himself said last week that, if it were up to him, Hardy would have been stripped of the title so that the company could tour with its champion.  But, here we are.  A month older, a month wiser, and 10 days out from one of the four TNA pay-per-views of calendar year 2013.  TNA is stateside, so there are two episodes of Impact Wrestling to build a feud and (in an ideal world) a meaningful match between arguably the company’s two top faces.

That said, tonight’s preview is after the jump.  Enjoy, and remember to tweet us @DukesWrestling during the show.

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WWE Business News

WWE business and accounting news isn’t exactly Austin vs. Punk, but there are a couple of points om a recent report release by the company worth noting.

@WWEinvestor tweeted out the full report earlier today, which is chock full of boring accounting jargon. One clip I thought was worth mentioning though, was when the report talked about potential earnings in 2013:

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The Morning Roundup – 2/28/2013

Brisco here, filling in for Sammy Dreamer for your Morning News Roundup. The weekend is almost here, lets see whats going on in the news.

The Rock on Facing Cena Again –

He talks about his comeback, years in the making, and how his whole goal was to give back to the Universe, elevate the product, and most importantly, bring in the big bucks for the WWE. And who is the biggest face of the WWE these days. Like it or not, it’s still the hardest working man in sports entertainment, John Cena. So of course if he is going to headline another Wrestlemania, its going to be against Cena. You can’t argue with the man’s logic.

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Coolest Pic You’ll See All Day, Tough Guy!

If you’re not following “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan on Twitter, you are doing it wrong.

Hell of a way to end the day. Bonus points if you can name everyone in the shot.

She’s All Grown Up…and now on Twitter.

Big week for WWE and Social Networking as now, not only has Triple H started up a Twitter account, now the Billion Dollar Princess, Stephanie McMahon is also signed up on the social networking site.

As the transfer of power continues as big Vince gets older, you have to wonder how WWE storylines will be affected in the future by two high-profile creative team members having such unfettered acces to the complaining internet nerd culture. More catering to the internet community? More trolling of the internet community?

Personally (I have no personal knowledge on this and unlike others freely admit that), I feel like you are starting to see the imprint of Triple H’s love of wrestling and his philosophy on the current WWE and that’s a good thing.

The real question is: will we ever see Vincent Kennedy McMahon on Twitter?

Side note: Everyone knows I was all in on Triple H being on Twitter from minute one. Don’t believe Bobby Shark’s lies.

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