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Impact Wrestling Preview: 1/31/2013

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Open Fight Night returns tonight, as Impact Wrestling continues its stay in England.  Here’s your spoiler-free preview for tonight’s pre-taped broadcast.

The Saga Continues…

Last week, Sting and Bully Ray plead their case regarding the latter’s ongoing suspension to an absent GM Hogan.  As Bully has said numerous times, Sting is the only guy who has really trusted him over the last few months.  Sting has the Hulkster’s ear, and Hulk is (in theory) the only one with the power to bring back Bully.  We should find out tonight whether Hulk will reinstate his (future?) son-in-law, or whether he’ll prefer to handle Aces & Eights on his own.

This lady should be on hand, as well.

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What happens if Undertaker doesn’t work WrestleMania 29?

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On Tuesday while discussing Brock Lesnar’s possible WrestleMania dance partner, I floated a hope for a possible Undertaker-Lesnar matchup at the Granddaddy of them all. Rumors had also been swirling that CM Punk was tapped for this year’s attempt to end the Undertaker’s streak at Met Life Stadium. Now, rumors are coming out that the Undertaker’s status for this year’s Mania are even more in question than we originally thought.

After an initial report by Brian Alvarez of F4W/Wrestling Observer during a subscribers only radio show, PW Insider (via Lords of Pain) had reported that WWE officials were waiting on the Undertaker’s decision whether he will wrestler this year.

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The Morning Roundup – 1/31/2013

Less is more today.  Here we go.

Royal Rumble Dream – Grantland

Great article about a similar subject to what I ranted about yesterday.  However, this gentleman tells it far better and is much more respected soure.  Give it a look.  Thanks to some Dukes Wrestling fans for bringing this article to our attention, we love you guys.   Continue reading →

Punk Dropping the Title Worse Than Being Shot?

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This warrants a mention.  A senior citizen gets shot in the eye, is back at work a few days later, and the worst part of his week was CM Punk dropping the title to the Rock.  You and I can only wish to be so tough.

The video and CM Punk’s reaction after the jump.

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Time to Stop Shielding the Shield?

“GET HIM!” – Everyone Over Age 12
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Any given segment on this week’s RAW fell into one of two buckets. The Amazing Bucket (Lesnar F-5ing Vince) or the I Almost Kicked a Hole Through My TV Bucket (Khali screwing up the words to HBK’s theme during a karaoke segment). There wasn’t a whole lot of in between, and way too much fell into the latter bucket.

Three guys that fell into the Amazing Bucket were the Shield. They debuted about 3 months ago, and while their involvement in the show has dipped at times, they are as hot as ever now with the revelation that Paul Heyman hired them on behalf of CM Punk.

So why are they not wrestling on a normal basis on WWE programming?

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