Christian York talks Gut Check, Bully Ray, CM Punk and More with Chad Dukes

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Our main man, Chad Dukes had the opportunity to speak with local boy done good, recent TNA Gut Check winner, 16-year veteran, and Virginia’s own Christian York on a number of topics including: TNA Gut Check, Bully Ray, CM Punk, making it rain inside the locker room (great story), and his rise from the indies.

A really fun interview, listen, tell your friends, spread the word and let Christian York know if you enjoyed it.

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Christian York isn’t taking his good fortune for granted, TNA Gut Check was just an opportunity, one of many he’s intending to make the most of.  Being thrown into the ring on Open Fight Night a few weeks back with both Jeff Hardy and Bobby Roode was another big opportunity for the new TNA superstar.

I was pretty surprised when they started throwing me into the mix with the two main guys of the whole company and I mean it’s an honor that they’ve got enough faith to put me in there.  I’m just ready to keep this ball rolling, keep going to find out where I can go.

York has talked in the past about how going into TNA Gut Check, you really don’t know what’s going to happen as the talent. After Joey Ryan lost and still made it to TNA, understandably some are still skeptical that the segment is pure shoot. Dukes asked him about it and York reveals some insider info about the Gut Check process and Joey Ryan’s ability to take his Gut Check “No” and make something out of it.

You don’t know, they aren’t going to tell you, they really don’t talk to you during the day. All they did was one of the TV guys comes up to me, and he brought me to the ring, and says ok this is where Al’s gonna stand, Taz’s gonna be, Bruce is gonna be, Jeremy’s gonna be here. Don’t cross the ring, you just stand right here is where you wanna stand, and that’s it. And the thing with Joey Ryan was, he got the “No’s.” That was a shoot, that was legit, and he got pissed off and he grabbed the mic and the things that he said was not anything that was planned. He did that, he went into business for himself and look what he’s got now.

Now that he’s working Thursday Nights in the Impact Zone, Dukes asked Christian to compare the experience between working in front of theme park wrestling fans and die hard wrestling fans. York’s answer shows the type of attitude from workers you love to read about and makes him a guy you can’t help but root for when he steps between those ropes.

For me it’s no different, you just have to know how to work those people. If you do that, I think you’re going to be okay. You hear a bunch of guys like, “Oh man the crowd’s a lot harder..” and blah blah blah, and I don’t believe that. I’ll hear guys say,  “Oh that crowd’s dead out there tonight”. I’m like, “****, watch this s***.” I think that’s just a cop-out attitude to have and it doesn’t make a difference if they’re, if you wanna call it the Internet Wrestling Community or the smart fans, or regular people off the street who’ve never been to a wrestling show. If you know what you’re doing you can get them all into it.

Early in his wrestling career, York had the opportunity to work with some soon to be famous up and comers in a North Carolina promotion with big dreams and a infamous northeast promotion with big hype. Christian talked about what it was like to come up with guys like Matt & Jeff Hardy and Shane Helms and his stint in the Original ECW.

The thing with the Hardys was us being a bunch of young kids trying to, it was really Matt Hardy’s and this guy, Tom Simpson’s promotion called Omega, but we caught up to those guys about two years into the business and they’re like, “you guys wanna join our company,” and we’re like, “heck yeah man, let’s do this.” It was just a bunch of guys that had a cool vision of what we thought wrestling could be.

I loved ECW. I loved being there, I didn’t understand the psychology, like you can beat the hell out of somebody with a chair but if you’re choking him on the ropes the referee’s counting to five. But it was a heck of a learning experience.

If you know York’s story you know that he has competed against a who’s who of wrestling talent over the course of his career. One such name is current WWE Champion CM Punk. Much like Chad, I too am a jealous man, however, York doesn’t operate that way and talks about what it’s like to watch guys like Punk make it on the big stage.

I love it because see, we’re guys that are the same size. He’s proof that you don’t have to be some big jacked up 6 foot five monster in order to be the face of the company.  I ve had a lot of friends that have gone up and made it. I know a lot of guys who get so pissed off and disgruntled when they see somebody make it. You should be happy for your friends. My best friend he went on and made it (Joey Mercury) and everybody’s like, “Oh man you gotta be so pissed off,” and I’m like no, what kind of human being are you?

Finally, to wrap up the interview Chad asked York to name a guy he’s looking forward to working with in Impact Wrestling, with a roster like TNA’s it was obviously hard for York to pick just one. However, he did have high praise for a guy anyone who watches TNA knows has been blown away by in the past year. Bully Ray.

I think Bubba’s probably the greatest worker right now to tell the truth, all around guy. I think Bubba’s unbelieveable, he’s so well rounded all the way, everything.

HUGE thank you to Christian York for joining Chad for the interview.

You can check out Christian York on TNA Impact Wrestling every Thursday night on Spike TV at 8pm, follow him on Twitter at @ChristianYork and on Facebook to keep up with his independent wrestling bookings, like with Maryland Championship Wrestling.

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  1. Happy Lars says:

    He has a good outlook on the attitude of the Impact Zone, but that places is crickets during the broadcast. You definitely get the theme park aspect of it when you go in. People were giving me crap about signs. As for Bubba, he’s the man, and completely is repackaging himself and only getting bettah.

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