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The Morning Roundup – 11/29/2012

We have arrived at Thursday, you have made it!  Here are you links.

#RawInteractive – LOP

On Monday, the world wanted Punk v Bryan.  We love that match-up and can never get enough of it.  We were given a choice via Twitter to pick either Kane or D-Bry to face Punk and the Universe picked Kane.  I call hogwash, however, WWE is claiming it was not fixed.  I do not know how they would’ve counted all that and stick by it was fixed.  Dont give us false hope WWE, we hate that. Continue reading →

Invasion of the Invasion Angles

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There’s no avoiding it, the NXT/Shield angle is going to be compared to other invasion angles. has already done us a favor by listing it alongside other famous invasion angles of the past. Personally, I think the Shield’s idea of protecting WWE from injustice is more than an invasion angle and has to be the potential to be something great, but for the sake of argument let’s call it an invasion angle at this point.

I’ve ranked the ones they listed in the article after the jump. What do you think? Did they leave any good ones out?

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The Morning Roundup – 11/28/2012

Hump Day.  Here are your links!

CM Punk Injury Update – LOP

Punk has been seen limping the last few weeks and it is what not part of a work, the big guy was injuried.  Yesterday, he had some work done to repair his knee.  I doubt we see him in action prior to TLC, as they will give the knee as much time to recover.  Take a look at this link as their are some quick hits on Shield, Vince, and Ryback. Continue reading →

The Resurrection of Jake “The Snake” Roberts

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Aurelian Smith, Jr. is back on the comeback trail.

Better known throughout the world as Jake “The Snake” Roberts, the wrestling legend is taking steps to put his life back on track.  Maybe you’ve seen Mr. Roberts in Beyond the Mat or Pick Your Poison.  We have all probably seen one or two tragic videoes of him on YouTube, displaying various low points.  However, hopefully you also remember the Snake as one of the great wrestlers of the 20th Century, one of the greatest talkers of all time, and arguably the best wrestler to never win the WWE or WCW World Titles.

More on the next riveting chapter in Jake’s life after the jump.

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I See More From the IC Championship

You Used to Be Something!

As I watched the newly christened “Wildcat” Kofi Kingston defeat Lord Tensai last night, my mood began to sadden. Why you ask? Well, I slowly have come to the realization that my favorite title growing up, yes the Intercontinental Title, seemingly has been relegated to mid-card status itself.

In the 80’s through the late 90’s, you weren’t given the IC strap because WWE didn’t know what else to do with you/it, you EARNED it. Not only was it a huge deal in itself, but it meant the company was tagging you for greater things down the road.

Don’t believe me?

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