Damien Sandow Enlightens Chad Dukes Wrestling on Survivor Series, Ryback, More

The Intellectual Savior of the Masses and Champion of Civility, Damien Sandow joined Chad Dukes on Thursday for a spirited discourse between two heroes to the unwashed masses.

Check out the interview below and…You’re Welcome.

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After exchanging pleasantries and thanking Damien for his martyrdom at Raw 1000, Dukes asked Sandow whom among the barbaric roster of WWE Superstars is most in need of his enlightenment. Not surprisingly, Sandow’s sights were focused squarely on his current nemeses Team Hell No.

They can’t even coexist, what a bad example they set for everyone and what, disarray, are their own minds in?  You’re the tag team champions and you can’t even get along. That is just a terrible, terrible thing and they could use some enlightenment.

Later in the interview Sandow added:

In order to get the current tag team champions setting a better example, I believe that we need to get the tag team titles off of them, so that they can perhaps, talk about their problems as opposed to fighting over who in fact is the tag team champions.

Moving on his tag team partner, in case you didn’t hear, Cody Rhodes suffered a shoulder injury and a concussion this past Wednesday on Main Event, putting his status for Survivor Series in jeopardy. Sandow remained non-committal when asked if Cody would be ready for Survivor Series.

I assure you that the necessary steps to protect the best interests of both Team Ziggler and Cody Rhodes are being taken….Rest assured this Sunday at Survivor Series, fans will get their money’s worth and things will be as it should.

As many know the man behind Damien Sandow was trained by WWE Hall of Famer Killer Kowalski. Kowalski is responsible for the training of other stars such as: Triple H, Big John Studd, Saturn, Tensai, and Frankie Kazarian. Sandow talked about what he took away from Kowalski’s tutelage.

Perserverance, number one. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out and give everything you have and then be ready to do it the next day.

Team Rhodes Scholars, Team Hell No, The Prime Time Players, SinSterio, and others have reinvigorated the tag team scene. Sandow reflected on the return to prominence for tag team wrestling.

It’s an example of how people should get along and I think that’s a great thing, I think it’s a different dimension to WWE, and I think it’s a chance for fans to see a different aspect of the business.

After promoting the Survivor Series card, Dukes asked Sandow how he thought the brutish Ryback would fair as a civil representation of the company should he become WWE Champion. Damien had harsh words for the hungry superstar, perhaps foreshadowing a natural rivalry down the road.

The man is classless, running around, ‘Feed Me More, Feed Me More,’ that’s such a bad example. The WWE is not some kind of buffet and Ryback, I believe will be taught a lesson.

Finally, Sandow closed the interview by going so far as to GUARANTEE (“there’s that word again.”-Vince McMahon) victory on Sunday.

Thank you to Damien Sandow for his time and as always huge thanks to our pal Joe V at WWE.

Catch Sandow as part of Team Ziggler at WWE Survivor Series on Sunday November 18th either live on Pay-per-view or with the Chad Dukes Wrestling crew at the Greene Turtle at Dulles Town Center.

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