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SmackDown Preview 11/30/12

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The Dolph Ziggler-John Cena feud takes center stage tonight on Smackdown, emanating from Bossier City, Louisiana.

The man in the Cargo Jorts is back and out for the Show-Off’s blood. Unfortunately for Cena, Ziggles is booked to face Sheamus in tonight’s big Main Event. I have a sneaking suspicion though someone else may face the former Doctor of Thuganomics tonight on Smack Down.

A trio of champions will meet their top challengers in six-man action tonight: Team Hell No & Kofi Kingston take on the Prime Time Players & Wade Barrett. How’s that for a couple of odd couples, or trios in this case.

In addition to all that? 3MB, Damien Sandow, and Alberto Del Rio will also be in action. Sounds like a fun Friday Night show.


Maven/Tough Enough Trophy Update

Things were going pretty well for Maven when he eliminated the Undertaker from the Royal Rumble years ago. Well, things are not looking so good now. TMZ is reporting that Maven failed to pay the bills on a storage unit right here in Virginia (cheap Foley pop), and the contents were auctioned off for $100.

What were the contents you ask? Well, only the original gold Tough Enough trophy. The buyer of the storage unit tried to contact Maven, but eventually auctioned off the unique trophy for $600.

And to think, we could’ve all pooled our money and made it ours!

The Morning Roundup – 11/30/2012

Nash at NXT – LOP

Nash is scheduled to appear at NXT in early December of this year.  This is not a huge surprise since the location of the taping and where Nash lives are fairly close.  I wonder if they plan on using Nash along with the Shield?  Wo wishes they could watch NXT because it tends to be on par with Raw?  This guy.  An appearance by Big Sexy on NXT is not necessarily any indication of a mainstream return.  Like I said, the location is convenient  and will probably not be very physically involved. Continue reading →

Impact Wrestling Preview: 11/29/2012

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Tonight on Impact Wrestling features the return of Championship Thursday!

X-Division Championship

Championship Thursday means the return of GM Hogan’s weird round-table discussion to determine a new #1 contender.  We don’t yet know who the potential challengers are, but you can bet Joey Ryan and/or Matt Morgan will be in the room.  Also, as is the usual, someone will likely be “cut” due to lack of intensity, heart, etc.  I like a lot of what Impact Wrestling does every week; I really do not like these segments.  However, this method of choosing a #1 Contender (as opposed to, I don’t know… wrestling?) has become a staple of Championship Thursday.  If TNA wants to spice up the segment, they could always put Bully Ray in that room with Hulk Hogan.

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Chant of the Chantless

C-D-W-S! C-D-W-S!

One of the biggest differences between WWE and the rest of television is the live audience. A hot crowd can make everything seem more interesting. Conversely, a bored or angry crowd has no problems letting WWE, the wrestlers, or Vince McMahon himself know they are unhappy with the product before them.

What’s the best way for an audience to show their approval? By chanting of course! There have been dozens of popular ones of the years, but I wanted to take a second and see what the CDWS Universe thought was the best of all time.

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