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Another Scary Moment in Wrestling


We’ve done a great job of chronicling Halloween in the world of wrestling today. My contribution is the above video, one of the scariest (in a dumb way) moments in WCW history. Yes, this really happened folks.

Refresher Course: Halloween Havoc

One of WCW’s most beloved Pay-Per-Views, Halloween Havoc ran from 1989 to 2000.  Since its Halloween, we thought it would be apropos to take a look back at an era when “Terror Ruled the Ring,” and awesome sets ruled the entrance ramp.

The very first Halloween Havoc took place back on October 28th of 1989 in Philadelphia, PA.  Known at the time as NWA Halloween Havoc the show is best remembered for the “Thunderdome” electrified cage match where Ric Flair and Sting defeated The Great Muta and Terry Funk.

A revolutionary structure, the “Thunderdome” cage was a precursor to today’s Hell in a Cell, a large cage covering the ringside area, only this cage had a slanted top rather than a roof.

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WWE’s 31 Scariest Superstars in History

Still would.
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Happy Halloween everyone!  The world of professional wrestling can sometimes be like Halloween 365 days a year.  Wrestling Vampires, Dead Men and their Brothers who were burned when they were young, Dungeons of Doom, and witch doctors who make the Ultimate Warrior’s head bleed black goo.

With that in mind I thought I’d pass along a ghoulish feature on in celebration of Halloween, the 31 Scariest Superstars. See how many you remember. Are there any missing from WWE’s list?

Spoiler alert: the ECW Zombie didn’t make the cut.

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The Morning Roundup – 10/31/2012


Happy Halloween Folks!  Sorry about no MNR yesterday.  Ol’ Hurricane Sally made for a very wacky Tuesday for your good pal Sammy Dreamer.  Here are some links!

This Guy was in ECW? – WWE via Youtube

Last week I brought you Mordeci, this week I bring you “Kevin Thorn.”  He appears to be some sort of Dracula/Vampire wrestler who was here to feast on the blood on ECW.  When I first saw the video, I slightly remembered him, but just barely.  He had a short run on ECW but when it collapsed, so did his career.  The WWE loves these kinds of gimmicks.  But come on, after Gangrel, could anyone really pull off the Vampire gimmick?  Thats a big negative, for those keeping score at home.  Continue reading →

The End of a (Divas) Era?

Youuuuuuu’re Fiiiiiii – Eh, who cares.
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It’s not exactly breaking news, but it looks like Beth Phoenix is officially gone from WWE. It’s been reported several times that she’s been asking for her release for a while now as she was unhappy with the direction of her career.

And so another former major player in the Divas division is gone (see Kelly, Kelly). Despite the attractiveness of the competitors, the Divas portion of any WWE programming is usually the worst. Their storylines are pretty basic and the in-ring work has a lot to be desired.

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