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Impact Wrestling Preview 09/27/2012

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Dig deep, the work day is almost over.  Thursday evening draws nigh, which means it’s almost time for Impact Wrestling Live!

And… It’s Championship Thursday!

There Will Be A New Champion

As we highlighted yesterday, TNA has vacated the TV Championship, stating that contract negotiations with now-former champion Devon “. . . have been ongoing over the last month and have reached an impasse.”  As a champion falls, four new challengers rise.  Normally on Championship Thursday, the potentials would give GM Hulk Hogan a sales-pitch over the course of several backstage segments.  The winner would get the opportunity to fight for a title.  This week, TWO contenders will be named, and there will be a new TV Champ on Impact Wrestling.  Samoa Joe, Garett Bischoff, Mr. Anderson, and Magnus are the hopefuls, so we’ll see how this plays out.

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Top 10 Top Rope Finishing Maneuvers

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If you’re having a tough time getting through this Thursday afternoon, now you can think about your favorite top rope finishers thanks to this list from!

Nothing quite gets the crowd going like ascending to the top turnbuckle. Just when we think we’ve seen it all as fans, someone comes along with a new and innovative move that makes our jaws drop.

The list starts with Vader at #10 with his Vadersault. Always impressive when a big man takes flight. Feel free to debate the rest of the list after the jump:

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TNA To Crown New TV Champ On Impact

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TNA reported today that a new TV Champion will be crowned this Thursday on Impact Wrestling.  Samoa Joe, Magnus, Mr. Anderson, and Garett Bischoff will present their cases to GM Hulk Hogan, who will have the sole vote in picking the two men to vie for the vacant title.

More after the jump.

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DVD Review: The Life and Times of Mr. Perfect

Absolutely perfect.

I could only be describing one DVD for this week’s review: The Life and Times of Mr. Perfect.

As a second generation wrestler (son of Larry “The Axe” Hennig), Curt had a solid foundation of wrestling heritage to build his career from. The DVD details his early success in AWA in both tag team competition (with Scott Hall) and in singles matches and eventually AWA World Heavyweight Champion. At the time, however, the ceiling for popularity in AWA was fairly low and Hennig would make the jump to WWE in 1988.

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The Morning Roundup – 9/26/2012

Flying elbows before HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOES!  Good Wednesday to you my fellow wrestling fans.  Hope you have a good hump day, I really do.  If you missed Raw on Monday go back and watch it.  It’s actually really good.  I will toss a link up below to my favorite part, but there is a lot to see. Here are your links.

NFL beats Raw, bad – PW Torch

Replacement officials in the NFL, or not, they still beat Raw Monday night.  The NFL game between the Seahawks and Packers did big ratings for the NFL while Raw did it’s worst of 2012.  The Packers are a very popular team and it was a very good game, both killers for Raw.  Raw had it’s lowest rating and could do with both the lack of Cena and NFL.  Cena’s very public injury probably turned his loyal base off and stopped them from tuning in. If that is the case, more so than the NFL, that should scare the life out of the WWE.  One night where it is believed Cena may not be on TV or in a very small role, they do the worst rating all year.  Sorry Punk, this would prove you can’t carry the company.  Yes, the rest of the wrestlers are doing really well and it is a great product, but Cena apparently still wins the bread.  WWE will have to buck this trend or ride Cena for the next good while.

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