The Morning Roundup – 9/28/2012

Due to a computer and/or user error, there was no roundup yesterday.  If you noticed, the earth slowed down a little and made Thursday even longer.  That was my fault, I apologize.  Never the less, the roundup is back, baby!  Here are your, special edition video roundup, links.

Daniel Bryan Interiew – PW Insider

The Tag Team Champion sat down with a radio station in Philly to promote the upcoming episode of Smackdown in Philly.  The highlight of the video for me is when he talks about why he stopped being a vegan.  It use to be a big part of his character and they even pointed out on Raw this week by making him a meatball on air.  This was a little sad to hear.  It was pretty cool to have someone in the media being a Vegan.  I, myself, a Vegan and have been told to never trust a vegan (Chad Dukes) but I do think it is a healthy lifestyle to promote.  Bryan was a cool role model for someone to be a Vegan and now shows those who were struggling with it to not worry about it because even D-Bry’s body wouldn’t let him.

WWE Presents – WWE via Youtube

I like this concept.  We get to sit back and watch wrestlers as they watch a scary movie on the big screen.  This type of video is called a “reaction video” and became very famous when people filmed others reacting to a film with two females and one glass.  You can tell in this one it is staged and set up to promote their characters.  It provides some good moments but it would been more fun to see their original, genuine reactions to a fun video.  The Prime Time Playas continue to have good chemistry and one can never really get mad at the Miz.  Check it out!

TNA Today – LOP

In this episode of TNA Today, catch up with Bobby Roode as he sits down to chat with Jeremy Borash.  Roode stays in character for this interview and talks about Bound for Glory, James Storm, and his return to Impact wrestling.  He put on a pretty good program with Double A after dropping the title and will be interesting to see where his character goes from here.  Roode has always been at the top since his solo career turn and one has to wonder what they will do with him now.  Will he feud with Storm, stay in the title picture, feud with the likes of RVD/Angle/Kennedy?  One way or the other, he will stay on TV, thankfully.

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