Bound For Glory Series 2012: The Final Stretch

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TNA’s No Surrender pay-per-view is on Sunday, September 9.  The viewers will be treated to a match that has had a summer-long build-up: The Final Four match to determine the TNA World Championship #1 Contender at Bound For Glory.

There has only been one participant officially announced for the Final Four Match: “Cowboy” James Storm, who with 73 points and no matches left gets to sit back and watch the remaining competitors try to edge out one another for the final three spots.

TNA has also announced the last two BFG Series matches for the September 6 edition of Impact Wrestling.  Jeff Hardy will face off against Samoa Joe, and Bully Ray will take on Rob Van Dam.  What are the chances that each man reaches the Final Four match?  We break down the scenarios for you after the jump.

Here is a refresher on the BFG Series Point System:

Pin: 7 points
Submission: 10 points
Countout: 5 points
DQ Win: 3 points
DQ Loss: -10 points
Draw: 2 points

Samoa Joe – 68 Points

Samoa Joe is in the Final Four Match no matter what.  Even if Joe loses to Jeff Hardy by DQ, which would put him at 58 points, he’ll still have good enough position to guarantee him a spot.  However, Joe can steal the #1 spot from James Storm by gaining either a pinfall or submission win over the Charismatic Enigma.

Jeff Hardy – 49 points

While Hardy is in the “final five,” he’s actually sitting in sixth place in the standings (more on that below).  Even though his situation is dire, his match against Samoa Joe technically isn’t a must-win situation.  While Hardy will guarantee himself a spot in the Final Four match with a submission win (though that is unlikely) and nearly lock up a spot with a pinfall victory, he could back-door into the tournament by either Bully Ray or Rob Van Dam losing their match by disqualification.  Speaking of which…

Bully Ray and Rob Van Dam – 55 points each

This is the match that could really shake things up.  It will be interesting to see if the 15-minute time limit is enforced for this match (as it was not for the AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels match a few weeks ago).  If Bully Ray and RVD fight to a draw, then each will pick-up two points to remain tied at 57.  If that happens, Hardy is eliminated unless his submits Joe.  Barring that scenario, a win by Hardy means that the loser of Calfzilla vs. Van Dam sits out the Final Four Match.

One more scenario that really hasn’t been discussed at all (by TNA or otherwise), and could be a complete wild card…

AJ Styles – 50 points

The Phenomenal One sits in fifth place, one spot ahead of Jeff Hardy.  He has no matches left, thus the reason that Storm, Joe, Hardy, Bully, and RVD have been dubbed the “final five.”  While Styles cannot gain any more points, he can benefit from the misfortunes and/or mistakes of others.  If Jeff Hardy loses to Samoa Joe, and either Bully Ray or Rob Van Dam gets disqualified, then AJ Styles finds himself in the Final Four match.

There has not been a disqualification in this year’s tournament, so maybe TNA books a shocker in the final week.

Confused?  We’ve thrown together this handy little rubric for you to print and study this week.  What scenario do you want to see play out?  Who is your choice for the Final Four, aside from Storm and Joe?  Let us know in the comment section below, or Tweet us @dukeswrestling!

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