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#1 Contenders Tag Team Tournament Announced on SmackDown

If there’s one thing your old pal Louis Tully loves more than taxes it’s tournaments in professional wrestling. So you can imagine my excitement when tonight on SmackDown it was announced that a tag team tournament would take place to determine the #1 Contenders to Team Hell No‘s Tag Team Championships.

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SmackDown Preview 9/28/12

Kick your chick to the curb in five different languages because it’s FRIDAYYYY and time for another edition of Friday Night SmackDown.

Sure it’s a big night to go out but wouldn’t you rather sit on your comfortable couch with a cheaper set of brewdogs and watch some professional wrestling? That’s what I thought.

Last week’s SmackDown was quite the show. Daniel Bryan and Kane laid waste to the tag team division with some brutal chair shots. Now Team Hell No have targets on their backs with all the established pairings in WWE, as well as a few new teams like the Rhodes Scholars, looking to end their reign. Who will be the #1 Contenders as we race towards the Hell in a Cell pay per view in exactly one month? Tune in tonight and see what the future holds.

Tonight’s main event, announced Monday on Raw, will feature the Apex Predator taking on the World’s Largest Athlete. After decimating Brodus Clay and Tensai with the WMD. The Big Show sets his sites on taking down the Viper, Randy Orton.

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WWE Releases Kelly Kelly

She’ll be missed for being hot but probably not for her ring skills, has announced this afternoon that they have released Kelly Kelly:

WWE has come to terms on the release of WWE Diva Kelly Kelly as of today, September 28, 2012. WWE wishes Kelly Kelly the best in all her future endeavors.

Kelly Kelly had been with WWE for seven years, starting out on ECW as Mike Knox’s abused girlfriend.  Kelly took a leave of absence in June 2011 and has only been used on television once since her return.

This release comes on the heels of the rumors that arguably the best Divas wrestler Beth Phoenix has given her notice to WWE and a slew of recent releases and departures: Kharma, Maryse, Michelle McCool and the Bella Twins.

On the one had the already depleted Divas division takes another hit.  On the other hand for fans of women’s wrestling this could be a good thing.  Other than Phoenix and Kharma, most of the recent releases/departures haven’t been of well-regarded ring generals.

WWE recently signed Ring of Honor/Chikara women’s wrestler Sara Del Rey who’s known more for her wrestling ability than looking good in a bikini.  Much like the tag team division, could WWE be revamping it’s women’s division as well? Stay tuned.

Friday Focus: Occupational Superstars

Up until now, Friday Focus has been concerned with examining the career of ONE superstar you may have forgotten about. But as I pondered who the focus should be on today, I thought it might be entertaining and worthwhile to look at an entire group of wrestlers I like to call “Occupational Superstars.”

What does this mean exactly? It’s guys like Duke “The Dumpster” Droese (left of top picture) whose gimmick was so specific that it shackled an otherwise limitless mediocre career . Was he a garbage man who wanted to be a wrestler? Was he a wrestler whose gimmick was a garbage man? It doesn’t make any sense! Let’s take a look at some of these less than stellar ideas.

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The Morning Roundup – 9/28/2012

Due to a computer and/or user error, there was no roundup yesterday.  If you noticed, the earth slowed down a little and made Thursday even longer.  That was my fault, I apologize.  Never the less, the roundup is back, baby!  Here are your, special edition video roundup, links.

Daniel Bryan Interiew – PW Insider

The Tag Team Champion sat down with a radio station in Philly to promote the upcoming episode of Smackdown in Philly.  The highlight of the video for me is when he talks about why he stopped being a vegan.  It use to be a big part of his character and they even pointed out on Raw this week by making him a meatball on air.  This was a little sad to hear.  It was pretty cool to have someone in the media being a Vegan.  I, myself, a Vegan and have been told to never trust a vegan (Chad Dukes) but I do think it is a healthy lifestyle to promote.  Bryan was a cool role model for someone to be a Vegan and now shows those who were struggling with it to not worry about it because even D-Bry’s body wouldn’t let him.

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