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Impact Wrestling Preview: 08/30/2012

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Dig deep, the work day is almost over.  Thursday evening draws nigh, which means it’s almost time for Impact Wrestling LIVE!

BFG Series – The Final Stretch

Seven days remain, two episodes of Impact Wrestling.  All roads lead to the Final Four at No Surrender, which is ten days from now.  Of the original twelve, only eight have a hope and/or prayer at making this happen.  Tonight, you’ll see three more BFG Series matches, featuring six of those eight men:

  • Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy
  • Samoa Joe vs. AJ Styles
  • Rob Van Dam vs. James Storm

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Length Matters: A Look at CM Punk’s Title Reign

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WWE has been focusing on two things regarding CM Punk recently, turning him heel and his long WWE title reign. Punk’s 280+ day reign as WWE Champion is something of a throwback in today’s wrestling culture of quick (and in some cases meaningless) title reigns.

Our society is infamous for our ADD nowadays, which probably in some way accounts for these comparably bite-sized championship lengths. We get bored quickly in almost all aspects of life, which is why Punk’s duration as champion and leader of the wrestling world seems so special right now.

But where does it really fit in historically?

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Jeff Hardy Interview with Chad Dukes

Image Credit: Impact Wrestling

Image Credit: Impact Wrestling

The Charismatic Enigma, Jeff Hardy joined Chad Dukes this past week to promote the upcoming TNA Impact Wrestling BaseBrawl event on September 1st at Prince George’s County Stadium, home of the Bowie Baysox.

Always outspoken, Jeff delivers the goods once again. Check out the interview below to hear Jeff talk about giving back to the fans, tag team wrestling, Edge’s retirement, his return after his out of the ring issues, painting his face, and much much more. So listen to the interview and we’ll discuss some of the interesting quotes after the jump.


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The Morning Roundup – 8/30/2012

Welcome to Thursday my fellow wrestling fans.  Hope everyone is having a good return to school, kids returning to school, or just having a very good end to August.  September starts on Saturday already, chew on that.  Here are you links!

Funkadatcyle Wings get Drunk and Arrested – LOP

Oh Cameron, you had so much promise.  You got axed from Tough Enough, thought to never be seen again, and then fell back in to our hearts as one of Brodus Clay’s dancing queens.  You had a loyal fan base of young WWE fans and the sky was the limit.  Then you got drunk.  Nothing wrong with, that, millions do every day.  Side note: If you are a fan of the Brews, check out Chad’s project Beer and Pig over on Twitter.  Back to wrestling.  However, Cameron you made a very horribledecision, you decided to drive.  Thankfully, you got pulled over before doing any damage to others.  You then tried to bribe the cop to get out of the ticket.  Horrible move.  After being released on bond, you did not tell WWE what happened and likely pissed them off.  Horrible decision.  You will most likely lose your job, for that I do not feel bad.  Kids, do not drink and drive.  It’s a horrible and selfish decision, just ask Cameron

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TNA Champion hints at his departure


In the above tweet, current TNA Television Champion Devon hints that his time with Impact Wrestling could be coming to an end.  It was previously reported by our own Richard Martel that the contracts of Devon and former partner Bully Ray were set to expire soon, now Devon is all but coming out and saying that he’s leaving the promotion.

Devon’s possible departure puts TNA into a weird situation.  Devon has yet to drop the TNA Television Championship and if he is leaving the window is closing to transition the title to another talent.  Should Devon leave as champion, what should the promotion do?   A tournament?   Ditch the title and its confusing lineage all together? (Legends Title, anyone?)

Obviously it’s a tweet and nothing is set in stone and no official word has been given on the contract status of either Devon or Bully Ray.  Stay tuned.

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