Two men caught trying to steal TNA Championship

From reader Jalan Pasko, we were passed along an interesting story from Ottumwa, IA.  During a TNA Show in Ottumwa on August 18th the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, valued at $6,000, and a replica belt were stolen from a TNA vehicle.

The suspects in question are 33-year-old Joel Ryan Luke, charged with 2nd Degree Theft- a Class “D” Felony, and 39-year-old Forrest Courtney Jamison charged an accessory to the theft- a misdemeanor. Police identified the suspects using security surveillance footage and the belts have been returned to TNA. 

Another report states, Austin Aries has been using a replica belt since the theft because arrests were not made in the case and the belts were not recovered until August 29th.

What a weird story.  The first thing that jumps out to me as surprising is that Aries himself apparently doesn’t carry the belt when traveling but rather the TNA crew keeps tabs on the strap.  We’ve all seen stories on twitter or in interviews with wrestling champions and their adventures with their championships going through security.  However, it could also be a smart move by TNA management, a safeguard against someone leaving the company and taking the belt.

That is of course until two goobers in Iowa decide to steal the belt from a truck.


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