The Morning Roundup – 8/31/2012

“Uso, Uso, Stupido!”  – Rosa Mendes

Friday is upon us and I could not be happier.  I look forward to this Holiday Weekend and hope you guys and gals have some fun things planned.  Be safe and make sure to drop some elbows and break some tables.  Here are your links!

McIntrye Makes Bold Claim – LOP

Drew McIntyre, resident Superstars participant and current jobber, hit twitter earlier this week to talk about the next generation of wrestling.  Showing a picture of Bret Hart and he, he talks about how the current generation has the ability and responsibility to carry wrestling into the future.  Come to think of it, quite frankly, they have no other choice.  The Attitude Era stars are all but done in the WWE and in the next 2 or 3 years the last few will be done.  That means guys like Barrett, Ziggler, McIntyre, Swagger, Sandow, and some younger FCW guys will be in charge going forward.  The WWE is currently being cared by Cena, who is 36 (show no signs of slowing down), Punk (who plans to retire sooner over later), and Sheamus (who isn’t a young buck).  The future does look bright but it will require these younger guys to ascend to the top and put butts in the seats

WWE Superstars – WWE via Youtube

Hello, my name is Ryback and I’m completely over with fans.  “FEED ME MORE” is now a regular chant of crowds now and Ryback does not even have to prompt them.  Take a look at him destroy Johnny Curtis, regular on Superstars and Youtube shows, and listen to Matt Stryker give you a little lesson on food chain and eating habits in the Animal Kingdom.  To fans in attendance, the “Goldberg” chants are old, stupid, and unoriginal.  Stop, you are impressing zero people.   A Tag Match with the Usos and Rosa Mendes?  Sign me up.   Put the Usos on Raw, they will sell.  Promise.  Main Event is forgettable and upstaged by the Tag Match.

Finlay makes Alumni Page – WWE

His name is Finlay and loves to fight.  Finlay has been added to the Alumni page on and I can’t think of a better guy.  He has worked for both WCW and WWE and was fun to watch.  He brought the tough, bruiser attitude to the ring and was a very convincing tough guy.  I never liked his gig with Hornswaggle but take the good with the bad.  Check out his video playlist via Youtube to see some highlights from his top matches.  I say that I like a lot of guys but I own a Finlay T-shirt, takes a lot for me to buy a guy’s shirt.  Never once regretted it.

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