Dolph Ziggler Describes Living The Dream

One of the fastest rising stars in the WWE is former Intercontinental Champion and current Money In The Bank contract winner Dolph Ziggler. You may have seen him on television, or perhaps you’ve read a little bit about his past in the article, “Evolution Of A #Heel – Part 1,” here on CDWS. Either way, Ziggler is quickly becoming one of the top performers in the squared circle.

The Quad-City Times ran an interview today with Ziggler to promote the upcoming Smackdown taping in Moline, Illinois. Ziggler discusses many things, including what it’s like to be living his dream.

Dolph Ziggler knew from an early age that what he wanted to do was wrestle, and after completing amateur wrestling in both high school and college, he made the transition into sports entertainment. He had this to say about it.

“I had been coming from the collegiate world and I wanted to be good — I wanted to be great,” the 32-year-old said. “They appreciated my hard work and love for the business.’”

Ziggler goes on to discuss what it is like being such a fan of the industry, as well as some of the politics that go along with working in that industry. He does take the time to mention someone who has given him a real push in the last month or so.

“I just theoretically retired Chris Jericho”

It goes without saying that he is referring to his match with Jericho at SummerSlam, where The ShowOff beat Y2J in his last match before leaving the WWE to go on tour with his band, Fozzy. The push that Ziggler received from Jericho is one that you rarely see in the business today, and really helped Dolph get over with the fans. Obviously Jericho sees something in him, perhaps the future of the WWE.

The interview ends with a quote from Ziggler I feel truly personifies the in-ring character Dolph has created, whether heel or not. It appears there are some similarities with the man behind the character.

“I always saw myself as a great sports entertainer and wanted to be the best. I have prided myself on my matches and work and entertainment. I want to be, at the end of my career, the greatest ever.”

We all know that amateur wrestling and sports entertainment are two totally different things. Being a talented amateur wrestler does not always equate to great in-ring talent, and vice versa. With the kind of talent and hard work Ziggler exhibits week after week, I think we are looking at a future Hall of Famer. I expect great matches from him in the years to come, because after all. Its not showing off if you back it up.

Funny Note: In the article, the author describes the Money In The Bank “competition.” From his description of the match, you can really tell he is an avid WWE fan. Yeah…


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