AJ Styles Interview with Chad Dukes

AJ Styles joined Chad Dukes this past week to promote the upcoming TNA Impact Wrestling BaseBrawl event on September 1st at Prince George’s County Stadium, home of the Bowie Baysox.

AJ discussed a number of topics including what it’s like being a 10-year veteran of TNA, how many times has he wrestled Christopher Daniels, the paternity test angle, some very interesting comments on Bobby Roode, and much more.  Check out the interview below and get some of the interesting quotes after the jump.

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AJ Styles has been with TNA Wrestling from the beginning, literally.  Styles appeared in match #1 on show #1 during its start as a weekly pay-per-view promotion. So fittingly, Chad opened the interview by talking with AJ on what its like to be the guy who has done everything you can do within one promotion from the very start.

I’ve been here and done that with everybody who’s went through here, I’ve seen ’em all.  To be here for so long, I feel like I’m a part of this company and I take a lot of pride in that, and I’m having a good time. So I’m just looking forward to the next 10 years to see what that has to offer.

After discussing how many times Styles and the Fallen Angel have wrestled (hint it’s into the 100,000s), Dukes and Styles moved on to discuss the importance of the mix of homegrown and outside talent to TNA’s current creative success.  The building of successful homegrown talent appears to be a source of pride with Styles.

We’ve got guys that like myself, have been here for a long time, with Bobby Roode, James Storm, Austin Aries is the champion.  That’s something you haven’t seen a lot lately.  Usually guys who had come from other companies were more of your bigger stars and only got the opportunity to be at the top but that’s changed and I think it’s got to change.  We’ve got to build our own talent, and our own stars and I think we’ve done a really good job of that.

One TNA talent Styles spotlighted, was former partner/nemesis, Bobby Roode. Surprisingly, Styles gives a strong endorsement to the leader of the Selfish Generation.

He’s come into his own. First you just thought, “Beer Money’s such a great tag team, I don’t see him or James getting any better,” as far as popularity, but I think both of them crushed any idea of that.  They’ve both come into their own.  And like I said before Bobby Roode, he’s one of the best heels in the company, I think probably in wrestling right now.  He knows what he’s doing, knows his way around the ring, and is just incredible if you ask me.

But I do believe he’s probably the best World Champion we’ve ever had.

Quite the ringing endorsement. Considering the names TNA has put the World Championship on (Kurt Angle, Sting, Mick Foley, Samoa Joe, Christian, Jeff Hardy), Styles’ comments speak volumes.

After being asked if there was one guy on the roster Styles hasn’t wrestled he’d like to face, Styles doesn’t name names. However he goes on to put over how diverse the TNA roster is in his mind as compared to the competition.

That’s the great thing about our roster. I don’t think there’s one guy that I couldn’t jump in the ring and have a great match or great angle with. That’s the difference between the other company and our company, there’s so many different types of wrestlers and personalities in TNA.  A lot of times you’re going to find the same type of wrestler in pretty much every match on the other show.  With us, we’re from different countries, different styles, we’re not cookie cutters. There’s just so many different things going on with TNA that I think make us stand out from everyone else.

Finally, while discussing the Claire/Dixie Carter storyline, AJ dropped an interesting tidbit about TNA’s creative process. Unlike the stories we’ve heard about WWE Creative, it seems like TNA Creative gives some of the talent input on their angles and storylines.

Never is it something like, “AJ you’re gonna do this,” and I’m uncomfortable with it. That’s never going to happen. It’s a good thing, I’m glad I’ve got that  ability to say, “Hey guys I’m not comfortable with doing this.”  And they would say okay we’ll find something else for ya.  It’s just a respect that they have for a lot of guys in this company that we’re able to work around a lot of things like that and work together.

If you skipped right to the quotes, we are no longer friends unless you promise to go back and listen to the full interview. Deal? Deal.  Oh, and be sure to spread the word about the interview and let AJ Styles know if you enjoyed it.

Thanks to Impact Wrestling and to AJ for joining Chad.  AJ Styles and the stars of Impact Wrestling will be at Prince George’s Stadium, home of the Bowie Baysox, for BaseBrawl September 1st. Tickets are on sale HERE.

Be sure to follow AJ on Twitter @AJStylesOrg and check back tomorrow for Chad’s interview with Jeff Hardy.

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