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SmackDown Preview 8/31/12

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Before I begin, I’m going to say Friday in 5 different language. First, English: Friday.  French: Viernes (Hey Beau).  Italian: Venerdì.  German: Freitag.  And Swiss German: Friitig.

Tonight on SmackDown: Mr. Money in the Bank, Dolph Ziggler is scheduled in the main event against the Viper, Randy Orton.  In the confusion of the post show brawl between Del Rio and Sheamus, Ziggler was poised to cash his Money In The Bank briefcase before being cut off by an Orton RKO.  Now, GM Booker T has booked both men in the main event of this week’s SmackDown.

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Two men caught trying to steal TNA Championship

From reader Jalan Pasko, we were passed along an interesting story from Ottumwa, IA.  During a TNA Show in Ottumwa on August 18th the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, valued at $6,000, and a replica belt were stolen from a TNA vehicle.

The suspects in question are 33-year-old Joel Ryan Luke, charged with 2nd Degree Theft- a Class “D” Felony, and 39-year-old Forrest Courtney Jamison charged an accessory to the theft- a misdemeanor. Police identified the suspects using security surveillance footage and the belts have been returned to TNA. 

Another report states, Austin Aries has been using a replica belt since the theft because arrests were not made in the case and the belts were not recovered until August 29th.

What a weird story.  The first thing that jumps out to me as surprising is that Aries himself apparently doesn’t carry the belt when traveling but rather the TNA crew keeps tabs on the strap.  We’ve all seen stories on twitter or in interviews with wrestling champions and their adventures with their championships going through security.  However, it could also be a smart move by TNA management, a safeguard against someone leaving the company and taking the belt.

That is of course until two goobers in Iowa decide to steal the belt from a truck.


Friday Focus: Goldberg

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Popularity in wrestling is sometimes just a matter of lightning in a bottle. It’s not about a gimmick, it’s not about vignettes before their arrival, it’s not about mic work – it’s just about the fans making an instant connection with a wrestler.

No one knows why some wrestlers become so popular, so fast. It just sort of happens. Such is the case with this week’s Friday Focus: Goldberg.

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The Morning Roundup – 8/31/2012

“Uso, Uso, Stupido!”  – Rosa Mendes

Friday is upon us and I could not be happier.  I look forward to this Holiday Weekend and hope you guys and gals have some fun things planned.  Be safe and make sure to drop some elbows and break some tables.  Here are your links!

McIntrye Makes Bold Claim – LOP

Drew McIntyre, resident Superstars participant and current jobber, hit twitter earlier this week to talk about the next generation of wrestling.  Showing a picture of Bret Hart and he, he talks about how the current generation has the ability and responsibility to carry wrestling into the future.  Come to think of it, quite frankly, they have no other choice.  The Attitude Era stars are all but done in the WWE and in the next 2 or 3 years the last few will be done.  That means guys like Barrett, Ziggler, McIntyre, Swagger, Sandow, and some younger FCW guys will be in charge going forward.  The WWE is currently being cared by Cena, who is 36 (show no signs of slowing down), Punk (who plans to retire sooner over later), and Sheamus (who isn’t a young buck).  The future does look bright but it will require these younger guys to ascend to the top and put butts in the seats

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Dolph Ziggler Describes Living The Dream

One of the fastest rising stars in the WWE is former Intercontinental Champion and current Money In The Bank contract winner Dolph Ziggler. You may have seen him on television, or perhaps you’ve read a little bit about his past in the article, “Evolution Of A #Heel – Part 1,” here on CDWS. Either way, Ziggler is quickly becoming one of the top performers in the squared circle.

The Quad-City Times ran an interview today with Ziggler to promote the upcoming Smackdown taping in Moline, Illinois. Ziggler discusses many things, including what it’s like to be living his dream.

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