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AJ’s Performance Review

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AJ Lee just had her first day of work as RAW GM. So what better time for her very first performance review?


Quality of Work: Between Sheamus vs. Bryan and the tag match featuring Miz and Ziggler vs. Jericho and Christian, the actual matches AJ “made” were pretty good this week. Above all else, RAW is a WRESTLING program, so the foundation of the show needs to be solid in order for anything to be considered successful. Continue reading →

The Morning Roundup 7/31/12

Good Tuesday to you lads and lassies.  It appears WWE has got a handle around the 3 hour format and though last night had its fair share of video packages we saw solid singles and tag matches.  However, they hyped the Trips/Brock match 4 times.  Yes, four different times.  Yikes.  Here are your links to help make the that much more AWWWWESOOOOME!

AW goes Rogue – No Dq

I’ll admit I chuckled at AW’s comment but knew he would get in trouble for that one.  It was during a match between Titus O’Neil and Kofi that AW referenced the infamous Kobe Bryant in a hotel room in Colorado incident.  The WWE tried to make the quick save by having Cole apologize but you can’t forget things easily.  I have a feeling that maybe the end of a free mic for AW or at least a short absence of the “Prime Time” players on Raw.

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Ric Flair’s Daughter Reports to FCW

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Ashley Fliehr, the youngest child of WWE Hall-of-Famer Ric Flair, has reported to Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW), according to  It was reported back in May that the WWE had signed Ashley to a developmental contract.

Ashley, the third of Flair’s progeny to enter professional wrestling, is the half sibling of David and Reid Flair.  She’s also the only member of the Flair family currently under contract with the WWE. Continue reading →

Monday Night Raw Preview 7/30/12 #1001

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After letting the Big Show throw Cena around the ring and delivering a lariat to the Rock, CM Punk has maintained radio silence. No tweets, no touts, nothing. Tonight to open Monday Night Raw, the Second City Saint is expected to drop another pipebomb on the WWE Universe and explain his villainous turn on the 1000th episode of Monday Night Raw.  Hopefully these actions mean a return to the edgier, must-see, CM Punk of last summer. Also, the WWE Champion should expect questions from John Cena tonight, now the only man to fail to successfully cash in a Money in the Bank briefcase.

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Good Ol’ JR: A Fan of the Pigeons

CDWS recently reported Mick Foley thought Velvet Sky would be a good addition to the Divas division. He isn’t the only one. Jim Ross tweeted the following about Velvet and her Beautiful People associate, Angelina Love:

@JRsBBQ Lovely, talented ladies. RT @WrestlingFanXoX: @JRsBBQ What do you think about @ActualALove & @VelVelHoller???

Of course, this thought could be little more than a random tweet about available talent. The increasing importance and popularity of Twitter has introduced a new wrinkle into kayfabe in that it’s often questionable whether a tweet is infact real or part of a storyline. The smart money is that we’ll be seeing Velvet Sky in a WWE ring sooner rather than later.

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