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The Morning Roundup 6/22/12

Vince McMahon Makes Cover of No Way Out DVD – LordsofPain

Even though he’d been off TV for months and months it certainly didn’t take long for him to insert himself into the middle of everything. I think Vince’s break was a good one for the company, and since it was the major moment from the PPV I don’t blame them for putting him on the cover. I also love the shot of Big Johnny splayed out on the ruins of the announce table.

HBK Throwing Out First Pitch at Upcoming White Sox Game – PWTorch

He’s in the Windy City promoting his hunting show coming back on the air and doing a signing at Bass Pro shop. Glad that Mr. Hall of Fame is finding success beyond the squared circle. I’m not alone in thinking that we probably won’t see him lacing his boots again, other than one-off “DX” appearances, but he seems to be happy doing the hunting show. Also, I believe the upcoming season will feature his trip to Stone Cold’s Broken Skull Ranch, which should be awesome.

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The Bound For Glory Series kicked off last week and James Storm took the early lead by winning the gauntlet match but tonight the other 11 men get a chance to make up some ground.  It’s Open Fight Night and 6 of the BFG participants get the opportunity to choose one of the other 6 men as their opponent.  Storm will have a bulls eye on his back because right  now he has a 20 point lead and in case you were wondering how the points work, here is a quick rundown.  Continue reading →

The Morning Round-Up 6/20/12

The Latest on WWE Network – BleacherReport

Apparently the WWE is now considering going to a paid subscription model in an effort to get more providers to carry it. Getting a cable provider to carry your channel is a big deal, usually requiring intense negotiations and a lot of money. If the WWE goes with a paid model then the assumption is more networks will carry it with guaranteed dollars upfront. Given that a channel with the profile of AMC is currently fighting to stay on Dish Network’s standard package, it appears that carriers currently hold all the cards. WWE clearly has pulled the plug on promoting the network, so who knows if they’re even close to launching?

Liz Cena seeking to prove John Cheated on Her – TMZ

Well, he’s certainly on the road a lot so I can see how she might suspect infidelity, but it’d also be an easy excuse for her to challenge the prenup. The prenup, has been a major bone of contention as it’s previously been labeled as “crippling.” I don’t understand how you can sign an agreement then just later claim that it’s not fair, but I’m only the son of attorneys. No signs of this one slowing down anytime soon.

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Rumor: Alberto Del Rio Threatened to Quit WWE Last Week

Despite a short WWE career filled with early successes, it has been a rough go of it for the Mexican Aristocrat since his groin injury late last year.

In the wake of  Twitter’s shutdown of two WWE parody twitter accounts, a story has surfaced about Alberto Del Rio reportedly threatening to leave WWE.  The accounts in question were coincidentaly taken down after an account called @CrankyVince posted a message referencing Del Rio’s desire to leave the organization.

WrestlingINC has the details from reports that Del Rio clashed with upper-level management that day and threatened to quit WWE. One company source says Del Rio was frustrated with his standing and contemplating a departure. A second source said the incident ‘wasn’t that big a deal’ and that both sides were wrangling over a contract matter. A third source believes the spat was a combination of both accounts.

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For the WWE Power Rankings, It’s Vader Time!

It’s been quite the week for the Man They Call Vader. A surprise appearance and huge pop on last week’s Raw, talk of a comeback, and now he’s broken into’s Power Rankings at #25.

We here at the Chad Dukes Wrestling Show wanted to extend our kudos to the big man from the Rocky Mountains on creating such an impact in his return to the WWE ring. I’m a mark so of course I’d love to see Vader screaming “It’s Time” and Vader Bombing jabronies every week. He’s certainly more valuable in the ring to the WWE than the Great Khali.  If he brought back that big Elephant helmet that shot steam out of it, even better. You know the one I’m talking about don’t pretend you don’t.

However, it seems unlikely that at age 58 we’ll be seeing Vader in any big feuds of storylines as a full time superstar. You can feel free to prove me wrong though, WWE. I can think of a few current superstars you could feed to the Mastadon. All in all, it’s good to know the WWE has another legend in their arsenal that can still go when called upon.

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