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SmackDown Preview 6/29/12

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Spend several hours looking at  GIF’s of AJ on Tumblr because it’s FRIDAYYYYY! And Friday Night means one thing: SmackDown night.

This week’s main event was made this past Monday on Raw and will be a “Triple Tret” match as Sheamus would say, for the World Heavyweight Champion. Sheamus takes on Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler. Interesting history between these three men as Sheamus had been scheduled to face Del Rio at the past two pay-per-views but each time the match was changed. Dolph was the replacement for Del Rio when he was removed from his second title shot due to an alleged concussion.

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The Morning Roundup 6/26/12

Good morning Dukesamaniacs! Big Raw last night with the announcement of Punk-Bryan for the title at Money In The Bank, lots of AJ, the naming of the first 4 participants in the WWE Title Money In the Bank Match, and of course SID. Let’s get to your links.

Charlie Sheen on 1,000th Raw-F4WOnline

The headline is a bit misleading. Sheen will be the “Social Media Ambassador,” which basically means he will be watching Raw and tweeting about it.

WWE Announces New Television Show To Air Wednesdays On Broadcast TV-Lords of Pain

The new show is called WWE Main Event and debuts this October on ION. Sounds like it will be a slightly more star-powered WWE Superstars. I’m not sure why they didn’t use the in with ION to get NXT on a broadcast channel.

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Monday Night RAW Preview 6/25/12

I'm a Heyman guy

Last week Monday Night RAW was lead by the Hardcore Legend Mick Foley. There is no better way to get a pop from a Long Island crowd than from Mrs. Foley’s Baby Boy walking out from the curtain.

WWE has announced that since the firing of John Laurinitis, a new Interim GM will be installed weekly to helm both the RAW and Smackdown brands. This week: Vickie Guerrero takes the job. I expect this to be a very Dolph Ziggler heavy ‘sode, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. #ShowOff

The AJ story line has been developing quite nicely. Skipping around the ring in a Kane mask and matching tights was pretty good shtick. I was sufficiently distracted. Where this goes? Probably SummerSlam. Either way, Punk is Champ but losing some of that fire and attention he was able to garner about a year ago. Daniel Bryan is bigger than he ever has been. This feud has legs.

Chris Jericho is eligible and slated to make his return from the 30 day suspensions stemming from the Brazil incident. He plans on making yet another return. The whole 1/2/12 thing didn’t go so hot, but he has claimed that it was exactly what was intended and us as fans looked too deep into the viral marketing for mixed hidden messages. Well, whatever. You did something creepy and nothing came of it. A little more of Y2J and little less of bad bits would be excellent.

Finally, Triple H lays out Paul Heyman after Paul E. ran his mouth. Threats were made, shots taken, insults thrown. Heyman gets laid out in the ring and the King of Kings gets to walk back to the locker room with his chin held high. Do we see repercussions from Brock Lesnar in person, or will we simply be informed of new lawsuits perpetuating the kayfabe?

4th & Pain with Adam Carriker and Chuck Carroll: Top Finishers In History With Chad Dukes, Graham Gano Asks A Question

The only pro wrestling show hosted by an NFL player and a weight loss champion is back! Washington Redskins defensive end Adam Carriker and Chuck Carroll welcomed Chad Dukes to the show for an insightful discussion on the top finishing moves in WWE history.

Adam and Chuck are also convinced that their interview with Heath Slater is really helping the One Man Band’s career. Roddy Piper and Cyndi Lauper took him out on Monday Night Raw and the boys took all the credit!

This episode of 4th & Pain is the first ever to be filmed entirely on video! Subscribe to the 4th & Pain YouTube Channel.

Also on tap in the broadcast, Redskins kicker Graham Gano emailed in to ask the hosts an all important question — Who would win in an arm wrestling contest between Adam and Chuck Norris?

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SmackDown Preview 6/22/12

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With the People Power era over, SmackDown heads to Baltimore, MD with Mick Foley still in charge for a No Way Out rematch. Tonight on SmackDown, World Heavyweight Champions Sheamus faces Dolph Ziggler in the main event. Ziggler is now the lone horse in Vickie Guerrero’s stable. Can the Show Off topple the Great White?

Also on tap for tonight’s show everyone’s favorite YES YES YES Man Daniel Bryan faces Kane. Keep an eye out for AJ skipping around the ring causing havoc for the participants in this one.

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