The Morning News Round Up 5/17/12

Matt Hardy Speaks About WWE’s Benoit Policy  – Lords Of Pain

On Twitter, the Sensai of Mattitude talked about how Benoit’s never mentioned on WWE TV and said what basically we all say. I think most fans understand why he’s edited out of DVDs and never mentioned on broadcasts, his crimes were unspeakable and the WWE took a lot of heat for it. It’d be nice if we could separate the career from the man, but I don’t think that’s in the cards anytime soon.

WWE Signs New TV DealPWTorch 

WWE will now be broadcasting Raw and Smackdown in Turkey. WWE furthers the reach of their global entertainment empire. What’re the odds we see a “Turkish Nightmare” superstar debuting in a couple years?

Wrestling Related Titles on NetflixPWInsider

Not necessarily “news” but there have been some additions to the streaming library that you marks would be interested in. Although, if you watch a fair amount of wrestling on Netflix, I’m sure it’s presented you with many of these choices automatically. I know I’m going to checkout that second Ladder Match collection. Not The Chaperone though, Triple H isn’t nearly as funny as he thinks he is.

WWE Reportedly Signs Ric Flair’s DaughterBleacher Report

According to this report The Nature Boy’s daughter, Ashley has signed a developmental deal with WWE. Not surprising WWE would be interested in her, though if it’s the same daughter that was crying ringside for his ladder match with Edge, it appears she’s lost some weight. Maybe when she finally gets called up she can have a rematch of 2008’s 3 way dance with her Father and Boyfriend.


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