Well, it makes sense

At a USA Network season premiere event in New York City, John Cena revealed on Twitter that Monday Night Raw will expand to a three-hour show, starting with the 1,000th episode on July 23 at 8/7 CT on USA Network.

There have been rumblings that RAW tapings will move up approximately one hour than their normal start time. And with NXT and moving to Full Sail university, there was some discrepancy over what could be filling the time slot.

Historically, the USA network has been always quite eager to doll out the extra hour to WWE programming, as it taken for many special event broadcasts, previous 3 hour RAW’s, and the last season of WWE’s Tough Enough. However, the looming question is exactly what format of programming will take up residency between 8pm and 9pm EST (all other time zones are useless, take note).

“WWE is proud to celebrate this historic milestone with our partners at USA Network,” WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon said. “Our new three-hour Raw represents the next generation in interactive television where our fans won’t just watch the show, they will help create it.”

Since Vince and Paul (we’re on a first name basis with Triple H since we’re close personal friends with the Connecticut Blue Blood) have embraced the internet in the last few months, and every moderately successful show has a hundred nerd spin offs of either a preview or a wrap up show, the rumor is they will do their own preview content and embrace a newer format.

Either way, we now get 3 hours where #YES! chants are possible. Win-Win!

One Comment on "#3HourRaw"

  1. Goat says:

    Hopefully this means they’re going to use the extra time to give us longer matches with meaningful results, as opposed to another hour’s worth of recaps from previous weeks and “earlier tonight” or other video packages. I could be on board for that.

    However, if we essentially wind up with an hour of “Power to the People” type nonsense, I reserve the right to bitch and complain.

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