The Morning Roundup – 5/8/12

I really wanted the Funkasaurus to cheer me up after the Caps loss last night, but not even the mighty Funkasuarus or the awesomeness of the Miz could cheer me up.  Seeing Paul Heyman, kind of did. I’m still distraught. Lets get to the links.

Pictures of CM Punk’s $2 Million Apartment In Chicago – SEScoops

Well, CM Punk lives nicely in Chicago. Some would say well.  A two-story living room? Check.  Look at some of those pictures and tell me this guy isn’t awesome.

Backstage News on Paul Heyman’s WWE Return and How Long He’s Back For – Lords of Pain

I love how LOP just clears up the Lesnar quitting question and brushes over it.  We all know he didn’t quit.  Well, maybe some of the uncleaned masses were unaware of this.  Heyman will stick around until August and likely help set up a Lesnar-Triple H storyline for SummerSlam.

WWE Reportedly in Re-Write Mode – PW Torch

WWE Creative reportedly re-wrote Raw three times in the last 24 hours before Raw.  That is insane, but not uncommon — as of late.  We’ve seen this in the past, since Wrestlemania, a few times.  What do you think about Raw being re-written that many times so close to show time?



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