The Barrett Barrage Is Coming Soon To A Theatre Near You

Photo Credit: ABC 6 News Philadelphia, PA

Currently off the road while recovering from an injury Wade Barrett has the time to play a minor part in the upcoming WWE Films project, Dead Man Down, starring Terrence Howard and Colin Farrell. The local ABC News station in Philadelphia has posted a gallery from the set of the film, one of which is above and shows Barrett looking dapper in a blazer with a pistol at his side. The film is described as a “Romantic Thriller” and centers around a crime lord’s lieutenant (Farrell) who falls for one of his boss’ (Howard) victims. As much as I’d prefer to see him in-between the ropes, I think he could do well in a crime movie. He plays a proper villain in the WWE, and could easily play that role in films. This is also a major project for WWE Films as it has a $30 Million dollar budget and features two big stars, including a former Oscar nominee even. Best of luck to everyone involved and I hope Wade recovers sooner rather than later.

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