The Morning Roundup – 5/1/12

Good morning, guys.  This will be quick and painless today, unlike, say a Great Khali-Kane match.  However, some big stories today.

Hulk Hogan’s “New Concept For TNA” Possibly Revealed – SEScoops

Apparently, Hulk Hogan’s “New Concept” is to have fans take pictures of TNA Superstars a la TMZ — in and out of the ring.  Sound dumb? Probably because it is.  Sound hypocritical? That’s because it absolutely is.  TNA talent is not thrilled by this, unsurprisingly, and find it odd that Hulk Hogan would like to have this sort of paparazzi journalism following him given his own personal demons.  Your thoughts?

More Details on Lesnar’s Extreme Rules Tantrum, Speculation on His WWE Future – Lords of Pain

Lot of information here from Lords of Pain.  I highly recommend the read if you have any questions about Lesnar’s current situation.  The big take away here is this: Lesnar and WWE have a contentious relationship.  Lesnar believes he was betrayed by WWE and likely will be done with the company when his contract runs out after next years Wrestlemania.

Sin Cara’s Return Revealed – PW Torch

Last night during the Spanish-language broadcast the announcers revealed that Sin Cara will be joining the Smackdown Tour of Mexico in May.  The May 24-26 tour of Mexico will be his first return to TV since November.  However, it is possible he could return before hand.  So it begs the question: Do you care?  He’s been off-air for 6 months now, have you missed Sin Cara?

That’s all for today guys, feel free to leave a comment below.


One Comment on "The Morning Roundup – 5/1/12"

  1. Sam says:

    I have missed Sin Cara and that TNA idea sounds stupid. If they just focused on wrestling and good booking, they’d be a lot better off

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