Are Brock Lesnar & WWE Already Hitting A Rough Patch?

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As Brendan Andrew already spotlighted in the Morning Roundup, word came out this morning at an alleged tantrum backstage by Brock Lesnar at Extreme Rules. Lesnar’s beef was with the promo Cena cut post match. Cena had originally been planned to win the match but have to be carried out of the arena.

If you didn’t check out the story, here are some of the juicier bits from the F4WOnline report:

Brock was told before the Extreme Rules match that Cena would go out on a stretcher and look totally incapacitated and be injured. Lesnar went nuts backstage in front of everyone, tearing things up and throwing a tantrum.

Some felt that part of the tantrum was just an act by Lesnar to show to the locker room that he could quit at any minute. Some of those same people felt that WWE officials could have been involved in Lesnar trying to work the other talents.

Lesnar also suggested that Cena intentionally pulled down the top rope at Extreme Rules, causing him to nearly blow out his knee in the bad spot towards the end of the match where they both tumbled over to the floor.

There are lots of conflicting reports and deception to wade through here. Personally, I’m not buying it but I love the discussion it creates. Lesnar’s cantankerous disposition precedes him. People expect “Brock Lesnar” to act this way after some of his UFC antics and I believe the WWE is working us.

First, I don’t doubt that Lesnar could be a little peeved about Cena’s post-match promo, but I’m not buying that Lesnar looks weak because of it. Anyone who watched the match saw Cena get tossed from pillar to post, hung upside down by his feet, elbowed full force in the skull, and manhandled for 90% of the match. Wins and Losses don’t mean nearly as much as the internet thinks they do in the modern WWE.

Second, coming out of Extreme Rules, the internet “news” sites were flooded with stories of John Cena being out of action for the forseeable future. Flash forward to this morning, Cena’s booked in 3 weeks for another pay-per-view match. My point? You can’t always believe these news reports. It wouldn’t be the first time or the last time misinformation is reported as fact. In this reality-era of the WWE, we must remember it’s still professional wrestling and the goal is to work marks like us.

The F4WOnline report in the Morning Roundup insinuates that the angle last night on Raw with Brock and Triple H was to write Lesnar out of story lines temporarily because of the tantrum. However, another report from PWInsider states that the angle had been planned all along to write him out because of his contract only requires two appearances a month as we reported last month.

With what we know about his contract, the fact that Lesnar may only appear at the big pay-per-views here on out doesn’t surprise me. I don’t think anyone expected Lesnar to be a month-in-month-out performer and WWE is going to maximize his appearances around the pay-per-views he’s booked to appear. If he’s next scheduled for SummerSlam, they aren’t going to waste them on appearances in May and June.

If he really thought he was being double-crossed, why start his next angle with notorious backstage politicker and member of the McMahon inner circle, Triple H? Why are we hearing about this story two days later when we were flooded with backstage news about Cena’s injuries the next morning?

Bottom line: Lesnar’s being paid a boatload of cash to be “Brock Lesnar”, and “Brock Lesnar” is a difficult man to deal with. So why not keep it going by disseminating stories like this and keeping the “aura” of Lesnar’s unpredictability alive?

2 Comments on "Are Brock Lesnar & WWE Already Hitting A Rough Patch?"

  1. Precisely what you said. It’s ALL a work. This is Brock being a loose-cannon, unpredictable. This is who he is supposed to be. The same people saying this stuff were the same people saying that because Brock is Brock and got this massive contract that they wouldn’t have him lose and there’s no way on Earth Brock Lesnar would ever job to anyone. This is perfect by the WWE to put out reports that Brock was furious… I mean, the point IS to bring legitimacy and blur the lines between reality and fiction even more… perfect job to triple work everyone.

  2. JustinWF says:

    Seems like a good way to build up a storyline. Brock is a great heal and the WWE is playing up the fact he is a “loose cannon”, and you can see this building up to a few possible feuds. Maybe a HHH match at Summerslam (or HHH with Sheamus), a Cena rematch, maybe a feud with Punk leading to a possible Brock vs Undertaker match at next years Wrestlemania (who could forget the Undertaker taking trash at the UFC 121, seems like a built in storyline).

    I would guess the WWE is going to milk this as much as possible, so they get the most out of the one year deal that Brock is on right now.

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