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Reminder, tonight Impact Wrestling is moving up an hour and airs live tonight at 8:00 on Spike. 

Last week Hogan said he had a special guest stopping by the Impact Zone.  The Stinger showed up and ruined Bobby Roode celebrating his streak as longest reigning TNA World Champion.   This week Roode and Sting will square off in a Lumberjack Match; this will be a pure grudge match because the title is not on the line. Continue reading →

TNA Hypes Drastic Format Change

With their impending summer series of live shows beginning tonight, TNA/Impact Wrestling issued a press release regarding big changes to Impact Wrestling. The long and the short of it? TNA is pulling back the curtain.

“We took a step back to look at our product with fresh eyes,” says TNA IMPACT WRESTLING President Dixie Carter. “People watch TV differently today than before, and the wrestling format itself has become stale.  What happens backstage, in the office and on the road is so entertaining that we decided it was time to pull the curtain way back and give viewers a peek at that world as well. Over the next few weeks and months, viewers will continue to see our show evolve as we expose more real aspects of our business that have always been sacred,” she continued.

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The Morning Roundup 5/31/12

Tensai Reportedly Deemed A Flop By WWE Officials, Possibly Being RepackagedWrestling, INC

I may be in the minority here, but this is a case of some “newz” that I really hope isn’t true. I was digging Tensai’s work in the ring because he works a different style from most guys on the roster.

Dixie Carter Conference Call Highlights PW Torch

Newsworthy items within: Impact will be live for 12-13 weeks this summer, TNA may scale back their PPV schedule, and “no comment” on Ric Flair.

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Randy Orton Suspended 60 Days for Wellness Policy Violation

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Breaking news this evening, has announced Randy Orton has been suspended.

STAMFORD, Conn. – In accordance with its Talent Wellness Program, WWE has suspended Randy Orton for 60 days effective today for his second violation of the company’s policy.

Wow. A pretty big blow to WWE with the assumed Randy Orton-Chris Jericho feud falling apart the last two weeks and Raw expanding to 3-hours in July.  With both Orton and Rey Mysterio’s second suspensions, WWE will be with out two major pieces for most of the summer. Anyone given the ball to step up in their absence should make the most of their opportunity.

Orton’s suspension puts him on dangerous ground because of Wellness Policy rules. With one more suspension Orton can be terminated and wished the best in his future endeavors.  The Viper has managed to clean up his act in the past few years since his trouble-filled 2006 when he had his first Wellness violation suspension, not to mention several additional “unprofessional conduct” suspensions.

With recent news that John Cena was booked on several SmackDown Live events to increase ticket sales, it makes you wonder if WWE knew this violation was coming down.

WHAT? YES! WHAT? YES! WHAT? YES! A Tale of Two Chants…

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If you’ve been living under a Pro Wrestling Rock since Wrestlemania there’s a new chant that’s taken wrestling audiences by storm, “YES!” Daniel Bryan’s gone on the record saying he was inspired by MMA Fighter Diego Sanchez doing a similar chant as he made his way to the octagon. Regardless, once Daniel Bryan lost his World Title in 18 seconds at Wrestlemania the fans embraced it as a way to show love for a superstar they felt was going to be swept under the rug after such an embarrassingly brief defeat. Low and behold, it worked, Daniel Bryan got a new t-shirt and the “indie” guy who would everyone thought would get swallowed up by the WWE is now one of their top stars. Now, contrast that with Stone Cold Steve Austin’s infamous “What?” chant.

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