John Cena Hints At Taking Time Off After Extreme Rules

After an outstanding brawl with Brock Lesnar at last night’s Extreme Rules pay-per-view, John Cena gave a cryptic show closing promo hinting that he’ll be taking a “vacation.” Reports are that Cena has been banged up for months and after a brutal match with a monster like Lesnar he appears to be taking some much needed time off.

Transcript courtesy of Wrestling Inc.:

I’m probably going to get sent home for speaking when I’m not spoken to, but I think I’m headed home anyway. And if I know my boss, he’s going to kick me out the door, but he’s going to do it on air, so I hope this is for the world to see. Chicago, I know this is CM Punk’s town, but above all else, this is a wrestling town. Tonight, you people were supposed to see the extreme. I’ve got no left arm, I’m tasting my own blood… and I’m damn proud to say it was in Chicago, IL. All of us — good guys, bad guys, big guys, small guys — all of us give everything we have every night for you guys. And if I gotta take a vacation, so be it. If I’m going away for a while, I just wanna say thanks for one hell of a last ride. I feel great tonight, even with this Chicago crowd that may or may not like me. I listen to that and I think, if I’m going out, I wouldn’t want to do it any other way! Thank you guys, go home safe!

The promo was followed up by audible comments by Cena as he headed to the locker room saying that he couldn’t move his arm but it was not torn. This morning has released an article stating that Cena suffered an arm injury via Lesnar’s Kimura, in addition to having his head split open the hard way by some vicious Lesnar elbows in the Extreme Rules Match.

”The most obvious injury was the laceration to his head, which caused a substantial amount of bleeding,” said WWE locker room physician Dr. Chris Amann. “He also has suffered a shoulder injury. Initial testing in the training room leads me to believe there may be torn muscles, possibly a torn rotator cuff or a biceps muscle.”

Unfortunately, there are no specifics available as to the extent of Cena’s condition, although he is still scheduled to appear on tomorrow’s Raw SuperShow. Dr. Amann told reporters that doctors would be conducting additional tests in the morning to determine the full scope of Cena’s injuries.

Cena was dominated almost the entire match and Lesnar’s offense looked vicious. I can believe he was injured in the bout, but the likelihood is that Cena is getting time off to heal from nagging injuries and the stress of the schedule he keeps. Cena is obviously the #1 headliner in WWE, but with the return of Lesnar, the popularity of CM Punk and Randy Orton, and the increased crowd support for Daniel Bryan, I think the WWE can afford to let one of the hardest working guys on the roster heal up to ensure his future drawing power.

If you didn’t see the show I highly suggest you order the replay and check it out. If you did, tell us what you thought in the comments below.

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  1. RockFan says:

    That was an absolute brutal match! Outstanding!

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