Move over #Tebowing, Here Comes #YESing

That’s right marks, the WWE wants to see pictures of you “YESING!” just like Daniel Bryan does on his way down to the ring. Similar to past internet fads such as, planking, owling, Tebowing and Drapering, it involves posing with both fingers in the air and shouting Yes! in humorous places or situations. Most likely in an effort to capitalize on people’s desires to post pictures of themselves on the internet and the WWE’s desire to be trending on twitter at all times. Sure, the repetitive talk about twitter, and who’s trending will probably be on WWE programming until we move on to the next social network, but that ain’t happening anytime soon. As someone that enjoys tweeting out #YES #YES #YES every time Daniel Bryan comes on my screen, I’m sure I’ll be posting my own #YESing picture soon enough.


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