Brock Lesnar’s RAW Interview

“I’m not a superstar. I’m an ass kicker. I am Brock Lesnar. That’s it.”

Brock Lesnar wasn’t in the house tonight on Raw in London, but he delivered in a great interview package which aired on Monday’s broadcast. In a three-minute video the WWE video team managed to introduce Lesnar to the newbies in the audience, back up his accomplishments, and build hatred towards the War Machine going into his Extreme Rules Match on April 29th with John Cena

In his profanity filled interview, Brock Lesnar talked about his dominance on all levels of competition: High School, College, WWE, & UFC. The narrative of Brock’s return has been that he’s here to legitimize the WWE, what better way to back up that claim than by bringing up Lesnar’s UFC Championship reign. I think it’s a great move. Showing Lesnar doing MMA training? Icing on the cake. The guy looks legit and carries himself as a guy ready to throw hands, because he’s done it before successfully.

The video also helps to frame Lesnar as the heel in the feud. Reminiscent of interview packages used to hype Lesnar’s UFC fights, Brock tells us he doesn’t care about pleasing the WWE Universe, he’s here to kick ass and make money. He’s not here to make Louis Tully happy, he’s here for strictly business. Some choice quotes:

John Cena’s the guy that would be carrying my bags into the building.

The guy’s scared, the guys scared p**sless, he’s sh*tting his pants.

What kid wearing a Cena shirt’s going to cheer for their hero being eviscerated like that? Great stuff. Being a video editor myself I always enjoy the work done on these types of video packages. To me, those three minutes have me more hyped up for Brock’s return than a year of appearances by the Rock. The package clearly laid out Lesnar’s selfish motives for returning and his hatred for what Cena represents in WWE. Add to it the fact that we truly don’t know how long the Lesnar-WWE relationship will last due to the volatile personalities on both sides, Brock’s words provide the perfect talking points should Lesnar leave the deal early. That’s what we call a win-win, kids.

Say what you will about how the WWE has handled returning talent in the past, I’m really enjoying the branding and handling of Brock Lesnar’s return thus far. What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.

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  1. I don’t think they have much choice in how they handle it… Brock’s not a guy you bring into PG and make him PG… he’s a guy you bring in to PG to make it PG-13 again. There’s no harnessing this man other than just firing him, and you don’t want to do that…

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