Monday Night RAW Preview 4/16/12

The entire RAW Supershow Roster has been touring Europe for the last 5 days, with a huge Monday night broadcast emanating from London’s O2 Arena. Marc Middleton on the 1s and 2s:

Confirmed for tonight’s show is a No DQ, No Count Out Match for the WWE Title between Mark Henry and CM Punk. No word yet if Brock Lesnar will be appearing live to continue the feud with John Cena but WWE was teasing him last week. Advertised locally is Kane vs. John Cena in a Last Man Standing Match.

European crowds are normally pretty hot and engaged in the action. With the Miami and DC RAW crowds really being active in the action, and the threat of Brock Lesnar appearing for a third week in a row I would expect a very loud and participatory audience.

It looks like Jericho is going to take a few weeks off of competition and just show up to malign CM Punk and interfere with his matches. Since January we’ve been left wondering how earth shattering his comeback could ever be. At this point, not very.

Let’s be honest, whatever there could be to preview, is not nearly as exciting as more Brock Lesnar material. Join me in praying that WWEshop puts up a good Brock t shirt, or seven.

One Comment on "Monday Night RAW Preview 4/16/12"

  1. Ari says:

    What is the shirt Lesnar has been wearing thus far, and how much is Jimmy John’s paying to have its logo on it?

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