Monday Night RAW Preview 4/9/12

You know you want to say it...


I completely went ‘nanners when Brock’s music hit. I saw that WWE tweeted he had arrived in the building a few mere minutes prior to the real reveal, but I couldn’t believe it until I saw him with mine own two beautiful browns (… ladies?).

The way Cena handled the crowd was masterful. They were viciously boo’ing him, chanting for Lesnar, working the “Yes! Yes! Yes!,” and championing Daniel Bryan through John’s entire promo. He flipped them to a Rocky chant, taking their minds off of all else, just in time to drop every jaw in the house for the Baddest Dude on the Planet.

There ought to be a continuation of the Punk/Jericho story line as well. The kick to the face last week after the booze bath was quite brutal. Add in more John Laurinitis GM shtick (it only took 6 months for it to catch on), and it ought to be a very packed RAW tonight.

Will the DC crowd be as hot as the post Wrestlemania crowd was in Miami? Will people get their CDWS shirts and signs on TV?

– Who knows and you damn well better! #FEBH

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