Rumors of Brock Lesnar’s contract details emerging

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Two days removed from Brock Lesnar’s return Monday on Raw, word is starting to emerge on the rumored specifics of Lesnar’s schedule of appearances for his second WWE run.

With this news and the report from the Morning Roundup about possible upcoming Lesnar PPV appearances, we should be seeing more of Lesnar in the coming year than we did the Rock for WrestleMania 28. Bleacher Report via PWInsider has the 411:

Sources speaking to state that Lesnar has signed for a minimum two appearances a month over the next year, plus an additional number of appearances during the build to the Mania PPV and obviously, Mania 29 itself.

The belief is that Lesnar will make in the area of 30-35 appearances over the next year, although WWE would have the ability to negotiate additional appearances with him above and beyond that – if Lesnar is willing to make them.

Keeping in mind that wrestling rumor sites are often hit or miss, if true I think this is great news for both sides. WWE looks to have Lesnar scheduled for more than half of a 52 week television schedule with 30-35 proposed appearances. Brock can be seemingly booked in multiple feuds over the next year and doesn’t have to submit to the constant 365 day travel schedule that was a problem in his first run. If things go well more appearances can be talked about, meaning more money for Lesnar.

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