Madusa Still Draws a Decent Check From WWE

Last night on her Facebook page, former WWF Women’s Champion Madusa (a.k.a. Debra Miceli) posted the above photograph (since removed according to Lords of Pain) of a recent WWE DVD royalty check.

Bear in mind she hasn’t been in the WWE since 1995 when she performed under the name, Alundra Blayze. Also recall her debut in WCW, where she dropped the WWF Women’s Championship in a trash can and wasn’t brought back until 1998. At the time it was a seminal moment in the escalating “Monday Night Wars” and surely infuriated the WWF and Vince McMahon.

Nowadays even Vince and company take it in stride as it’s been featured on several of their DVD releases, which is why she clocked in some of the heftier sums above. It’s an interesting glimpse into the WWE’s pay structure and a testament to the selling power of WWE home videos as that check only covers the 4th Quarter of 2011. Good for Madusa though, wish I could be fired and receive six figure checks 17 years later.

One Comment on "Madusa Still Draws a Decent Check From WWE"

  1. Goat says:

    That is astonishing. I figured it would be like ten grand or something along those lines. That sum at the bottom blows my mind.

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