A last minute dance party, What’s next for Brodus Clay?

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It’s been a rocky, up and down journey for Brodus Clay since his Funkasaurus debut back in November. After a divisive debut, Clay started getting good crowd reactions but was then promptly pulled from television. Now things appear to be on the upswing for the man from Planet Funk, but for how long?

On the heels of his brand new T-shirt, news came out earlier this week that WWE officials were considering adding Brodus Clay to the WrestleMania card. An added Clay WrestleMania match would probably be much like his Royal Rumble match against Drew McIntyre, where the Funkasuaurs put away the Chosen One in under a minute.

I’m not entirely down on the idea if it serves a purpose. A Funkasuaurs dance party could replace the usual backstage wackiness segment in a way that gets the audience involved and off their hands watching the video screens.  If Miami embraces it’s funky side, a 80,000 person dance party could get Clay and the Funkettes over huge. The problem for me is, where do you go with the character afterward?

Brodus Clay is starting to approach a weird tipping point in his WWE career. How much longer can he come out for one-minute squashes over the Heath Slaters of the world and maintain his crowd support? Clay needs his first feud and what better place to plant the seeds than on the biggest show of the year?

Now I’m purely speculating here, but rather than add a squash match perhaps Khali could be “taken out” of the 12 man tag by Team Johnny and the Funkasaurus could finally step up and start facing some more established stars like Mark Henry (who wouldn’t want to see that?), Dolph Ziggler, and the Miz.

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