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The Morning Roundup – 3/30/12

It’s here.  Wrestlemania weekend is here.  Dukes, Drab and Frogman are in Miami posting pictures from Axxess.  There’s $540 million jackpot tonight.  Clearly, working is difficult today.  On to the links.

CM Punk and The Rock Kick It Backstage – Wrestling, Inc.

Yes, kicking it.  Thank you 2004 headline.  The Rock and Punk are hanging out backstage and have a few pictures taken for CM Punk’s Wrestlemania diary.  They don’t go in to details about the conversation, but the few pictures of it make it seem like a serious conversation.  One that was described to go on for a while.  These two are bad ass.

Sheamus Shares His Thoughts on The Rock, The Rock Comments on WrestleMania 28 – Lords of Pain

Sheamus said The Rock has been “nothing but cool to me,” and that they say hello to each other every Monday.  I thought we were past this, but apparently people aren’t letting this go and are asking every single Superstar what they think.  Regardless, The Rock did an interview with the Palm Beach Post and said that Wrestlemania being in Miami this year sealed the deal for him returning to the ring.  South Florida is his home and being able to return in the place he’s lived for 20+ years was something he could not pass up.

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The Merch Table: Mike Tyson HOF Shirt

We are live at Wrestlemania Fan Axxess, and they have a ton of new merch available. One that stuck out immediately was a shirt commemorating Iron Mike Tyson’s induction into the WWE Hall of Fame. Featuring his infamous face tattoo on the front surrounding a giant WWE logo. I guess all that lawsuit business regarding The Hangover has been settled and Tyson is able to use it for promotion.  Follow along with us all Wrestlemania weekend both here and @DukesWrestling.


Last week on Impact, Sting revealed that he got a concussion in his match against Bobby Roode at Victory Road.  The Stinger told Dixie Carter that needs a break, he has to rest up because he wants to and get back in the ring on a full time basis and this GM thing is holding him back.  So he stepped down as GM but he had a guy in mind to replace him, Hulk Hogan.  Impact went off the air with the crowd cheering for Hogan but we didn’t get an answer from the Hulkster.  Tonight we find out if Hogan will step up and replace Sting.  Sting asked Dixie to trust him, but hasn’t Hogan screw her over in the past? Continue reading →

The Morning Roundup – 3/29/12

With our namesake headed to Wrestlemania tonight along with Drab T-Shirt, I’m officially jealous.  Stuck in DC.  It’s cold again.  Enjoy Miami.  On to the links.

Set-up Underway For The Rock’s Next Movie – PW Torch

According to PW Torch insiders, the Rock is already preparing for his next movie in Miami.  “Pain and Gain”, which also stars Mark Wahlberg, is scheduled to begin shooting in Miami on April 6th.  An open casting call has also been put out, I can only assume Frogman Le Blanc will be looking for wealth and fame on the big screen and hang out in Miami a few extra days.

CM Punk Takes Shots at DDP Yoga – Wrestling, Inc.

Punk continues his assault on Jericho by now taking a shot at his training.  “[Chris] does DDP Yoga and that’s not even real yoga. This isn’t a front on Diamond Dallas Page – nice guy and all that, but whatever. Jericho’s [not here because] got a voice coach so he can sing in his rotten band.”  This feud didn’t need anymore fuel for the fire, but here we are.

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The Merch Table: Brodus Clay Has Arrived

Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting, the only T-Shirt featuring the only living Funkasaurus in captivity… Brodus Clay has finally made it. There’s no surer sign that the WWE has faith in you, than when they print up t-shirts with your likeness on them. After months of delays and a divisive debut it seems the WWE is finally all aboard the Brodus Clay train.

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