The WrestleMania Dark Match is…

Last night, the WWE has announced this year’s WrestleMania dark match will be a Tag Team Championship Match.  The Colons will defend the WWE Tag Team Championship in a Triple Threat Match against Jimmy & Jey Uso and newly formed team Justin Gabriel & Tyson Kidd. In a departure from the status quo, this year’s WrestleMania dark match will now be available on and the WWE’s YouTube page at 6:30 ET.

This is a great move in my opinion as a guy who misses the free-PPV pre-show concept from the 90’s. First, it probably means one of the already booked matches won’t be bumped off the card like last year’s Daniel Bryan/Sheamus match. Second, extra content is always great. Bravo, WWE. Now if we could only get the Mid Card Mafia into this bout and make it a Fatal-Four Way.

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