The Rock’s Exhibit From WWE Fan Axxess


A Collection of "$3,000" Shirts

If you ever have a chance to attend Wrestlemania and have been a longtime WWE Fan, I don’t see how you can skip their “Fan Axxess” event. It has a ton of really cool artifacts such as Vince McMahon’s limo that was blown up, the Throne Triple H sat on for his Wrestlemania 22 entrance and Sheriff Stone Cold Steve Austin’s ATV. This year with ‘Mania being all about The Rock versus John Cena, WWE created an exhibit featuring a ton of memorabilia from Dwayne Johnson’s life and career. After the jump are more photos from the new exhibit.


Jerseys and A Game Ball From Dwayne's Time in Miami


A Vest, The Rock's Boots and a Guitar Signed By Willie Nelson


Couple of Pairs of Trunks, A Brawlin' Buddy and a "$5,000" Shirt

More Expensive Shirts, a foam fist, and a Rock T-Shirt from Last Year's Wrestlemania


The "BFG" from the film Doom, starring The Rock

A Couple People's Elbow Pads a and Storybook Prop, The Rock's Night Before Christmas from December 2001


2 Comments on "The Rock’s Exhibit From WWE Fan Axxess"

  1. RockFan says:

    I soooooo wish I was in MIAMI right now!!!!!!

  2. Brian P says:

    So awesome. Thanks for the photos.

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