The Morning Roundup – 3/30/12

It’s here.  Wrestlemania weekend is here.  Dukes, Drab and Frogman are in Miami posting pictures from Axxess.  There’s $540 million jackpot tonight.  Clearly, working is difficult today.  On to the links.

CM Punk and The Rock Kick It Backstage – Wrestling, Inc.

Yes, kicking it.  Thank you 2004 headline.  The Rock and Punk are hanging out backstage and have a few pictures taken for CM Punk’s Wrestlemania diary.  They don’t go in to details about the conversation, but the few pictures of it make it seem like a serious conversation.  One that was described to go on for a while.  These two are bad ass.

Sheamus Shares His Thoughts on The Rock, The Rock Comments on WrestleMania 28 – Lords of Pain

Sheamus said The Rock has been “nothing but cool to me,” and that they say hello to each other every Monday.  I thought we were past this, but apparently people aren’t letting this go and are asking every single Superstar what they think.  Regardless, The Rock did an interview with the Palm Beach Post and said that Wrestlemania being in Miami this year sealed the deal for him returning to the ring.  South Florida is his home and being able to return in the place he’s lived for 20+ years was something he could not pass up.

Edge Debuts New Look at WWE Axxess (Pictures) – SEScoops

I don’t like it.  I like my Edge with a long hair and a ridiculously gaudy full-length jacket.  I’m just happy Edge is still around the WWE universe.  Hopefully Vince can find a way to incorporate him back in to the television portion of the company.  Manager? Announcer?  What do you guys think?

That’s all for today.  Hope you’re as ready for Wrestlemania as I am.

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