A Hulk Hogan Classic Coming to DVD & WWE Studios News

No we’re not talking about the Hulk Hogan Sex Tape. WWE DVD News is reporting that a flyer being included in recent WWE Shop orders lists that the 1989 Hulk Hogan classic film, No Holds Barred will be coming to DVD on July 3, 2012.

For the uninitiated, No Holds Barred was the first movie produced by WWE and was Hulk Hogan’s first starring vehicle after appearing in Rocky III. The movie was a moderate financial success but critical failure in snooty movie critics eyes, but if you’re a fan of the Hulkster it’s a fun and campy watch. Plus its the film that started the wrestling career of Tiny “Zeus” Lister in the SummerSlam 1989 Main Event.

I remember as a little mark dragging my parents to the theater to watch the film. Hopefully, the DVD release will net the Hulkster a few sheckles and he won’t have to continue to do things like #ChallengeHulk.

In other WWE Studios DVD news, the same flyer lists release dates for the next batch of movies we’ll be seeing ads for on WWE television, including No One Lives starring Brodus Clay (Early 2013) and Marine Homefront rumored to be starring Randy Orton (2013).

2 Comments on "A Hulk Hogan Classic Coming to DVD & WWE Studios News"

  1. jim says:

    cant wait to see that

  2. RyanD @Bottleknockers says:

    Ok as bad as this movie was looking back on it now, but when I was 11, i thought it was great. But then… he actually showed up in WWF to challenge Hogan under since “they had unfinished business from the movie”.

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