The Morning Roundup – 3/22/12

Hopefully this is the final update on FCW not closing for the week.

WWE Opening Up New Developmental System In Connecticut – SEScoops

Well, this is a new wrinkle.  As Louis said on Monday night, he’d like to see a baseball minor league system, and it looks like that’s what we are getting.  The new system in Connecticut will be a bridge from FCW and WWE to help “almost ready” talent get ready.  I love this idea, and definitely think it will help the brand in the long run.

TV Analyst Offers Poor WWE Stock Evaluation – PW Torch

Jim Cramer, host of CNBC’s ‘Mad Money’, was on a video blog for offering stock tips.  The first company they discussed was WWE, and Cramer immediately shot down buying WWE’s stock.  He gave it a negative evaluation and said people are only buying it for it’s dividend.  Personally, I don’t own any stock, but I have family members that do, and they trust Cramer.  WWE had a strong first quarter, but it looks like it will take something bigger to impress Cramer.

Jericho Responds to Heat for Leaving WWE, Jericho-Fallon Video, The Rock – Lords of Pain

The “heat” came from one fan on twitter asking Jericho about leaving to tour with Fozzy in the UK this summer.  He responded by saying “Yeah for two gigs #idiot” so clearly he has no intention of turning this into a trek across Europe with the band.  Meanwhile he was on Jimmy Fallon and broke kayfabe by admitting “I’m just playing a part.”

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