Luke Gallows weighs in on the WWE Reality Era

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Independent wrestler and former WWE Superstar, Luke Gallows joined the Chad Dukes Wrestling Show Friday Night and as always he was a great interview. Life on the road for the independent stars is rough and Luke told some great stories that illustrate how much of a warrior professional wrestlers can be.

Chad started out by asking Gallows the pressure of being the big name star coming back to these smaller independent shows after cutting his teeth in the same arenas. Luke talked about how rewarding the opportunities have been entertaining those paying their money to see him. But Gallows also expressed some nervousness because of being out of action due to a recent injury suffered. And it’s a doozy:

I was back home in Atlanta, GA about three weeks ago wrestling Matt Hardy and I hit the ropes and did a big splash, which I do all the time, and I had a full groin tear. I got hurt and then I wrestled, that was a Friday Night, I wrestled Saturday, Sunday and it got gradually worse.

And then I had to fly to Chicago, to film the Wrestling Road Diares 2 movie with Colt Cabana and Domino [Former WWE Tag Team Champion aka Cliff Compton]. Being on the road and stuff, I ended up wrestling through it. We were doing some tags and stuff and I ended up in the Hospital down in Louisville with a potential blood clot.

There is a pic up on Luke’s Twitter if you want to see the injury he’s talking about, but let me warn you it’s not for the squeamish. Might be good fodder next time a bro dog tells you Wrestling is fake though.

After recapping some of his recent international adventures, dealing with cultural and language barriers, uncooperative opponents, and really fighting with guys who don’t get that it’s pro wrestling, the conversation turned to the Reality Era and the Punk-Jericho angle.

It’s just so different for me because you know Chad, when we were growing up watching, I was enamored with characters, gimmicks, stuff like that. I think for a decent time that’s why Festus worked, because people missed George “the Animal” Steele. For every Hacksaw Jim Duggan, for every Jake the Snake, every green-tounged George Steele, you know, Festus was a guy who went crazy when the bell rung, and sometimes I feel like that’s missing right now.

I don’t know if we need to go down a road where we say, “CM Punk’s dad is a drunk.” Because I’m close friends with CM Punk and straight-edge is 100% true. He’s never had a cigarette, he’s never had a sip of alcohol, he’s never taken drugs, but his dad was an alcoholic. That’s pretty brutal to come out and, I mean, I understand that real life issues draw money, I do, but at some point maybe there’s a line. Maybe there’s not.

Next, Gallows went into more detail next about wrestling overseas for TNA’s Ring Ka King and the wild reaction from crowds with limited wrestling exposure:

For the first time in the ten years I’ve been doing this, I feel like it’s almost a throw back to like how Brody [Bruiser Brody] must have felt in Japan and these guys who’ve gone to Puerto Rico, when they really believed and the crowd was so hot because they’re seeing guys who are top level professionals. And they’ve never seen an MMA fight, they’ve barely seen any pro wrestling, and it’s unbelievable. It’s a genuine, natural, real emotion, a real raw reaction to what we’re doing in the ring.

Gallows also relates a great tale of Scott Steiner aka Godzilla versus the Indian fans. Definitely listen to Gallows tell the story and then check out the video HERE.

Chad wraps things up with a quick discussion of the heat the Rock gets with the boys in the back with his limited schedule while working the main event of WrestleMania.

I’ve gone so back and forth on this issue in my head when I’ve seen it come up in the media and stuff like that. And for a long time I had that attitude that a lot of people have, “You know what screw this guy, I’m a pro wrestler I’m always gonna be a pro wrestler, that’s what I’ve always wanted to be. He wanted to go make movies and now he’s coming back for a big payday.”

But on the other hand, when you look at it, there’s nobody who’s had as much crossover appeal as Dwayne Johnson, the Rock, whatever, even Hulk Hogan I don’t think. So, I guess for our business things like that, you have to be more open minded, are good things.

If it brings us into a more positive light, if it bring us more crossover appeal, if it gives those guys who are there on the road 250-300 days a year, if it gets them some more exposure and gets them whatever it can bring, I think in the long run, the end it’s a positive.

Be sure to check out the full interview right here on the site or on Itunes, Gallows is always a fun interview to listen to and I can’t wait till he gets his eventual shot to return to the WWE.

And remember kids, “when Chad Dukes is in your corner victory is assured, chicanery or no.”


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