Y2J gets Personal with Punk

In an unexpected turn last night on Raw, Chris Jericho took his feud over being “Best in the World” with CM Punk to another level. Chris Jericho decided to drop his own version of a pipe bomb into the build up for the WWE Championship match, by outing Punk’s father as a alcoholic.

Outside of the WWE this isn’t a big secret, in the past Punk has used this in past ROH storylines, but it is a daring choice to take in a feud that up until now had been all about who was the better wrestler.

Punk had very little to say on WWE.com immediately after the promo last night but as reported in the Morning Roundup had more to say on Twitter:


While it is a recycled angle for hardcore wrestling fans, this development adds some “real” hate into the Punk-Jericho saga. Up until this point Jericho’s return has been pretty poorly handled. With the inclusion of playing these mind games with Punk, we’re starting to get a little closer to the type of character who would plant viral videos on Raw. A devious bad guy playing mind games and looking to reclaim what is his, the title and his monicker. Fits much better than grinning guy in a flashing jacket.

Whatever your feelings are regarding including personal demons in wrestling angles, I thought both men sold the angle beautifully last night. I’d expect Jericho to ratchet it up in the coming weeks to the point that the crowd will be pretty rabid to see him get his at the hands of Punk when April 1st rolls around.

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