WWE ‘Board of Directors’ Announces 6 on 6 Tag Team Match at Wrestlemania 28

In an effort to settle the issues between Smackdown GM Teddy Long and Raw GM John Laurinaitis the WWE “Board of Directors” has announced control of both shows will be decided at Wrestlemania in a 6 on 6 tag team contest. This has been rumored for weeks as tensions between the two men have escalated their efforts to prove they should be in sole control of WWE programming. This should be excellent news for the rosters of each shows as many top names are conspicuously absent from the “Grandaddy of Them All.” The full letter from the “Board” and speculation on who will represent each brand’s team after the jump .


Randy Orton, Kane, The Miz, Kofi Kingston, R-Truth, Dolph Ziggler are just some of WWE’s major players that currently do not have matches scheduled for pro wrestling’s biggest event. At first it seemed that Randy Orton was building towards a match with Kane, but given the events from last week’s Smackdown it’s possible that Johnny Ace would have an axe to grind with Orton as well. Kofi and R-Truth have had a budding feud with Primo and Epico of late and since all 4 men are officially on the Raw Roster I’m not sure if they’ll be included or perhaps have a tag title match of their own.  Also, the board indicates that the members will be selected over the next few weeks, handpicked by each GM and there’s nothing in there about them having to pick from their respective brands. Here’s how I see the teams shaking out…

Raw: Kane, The Miz, David Otunga, Dolph Ziggler, Epico and Primo

Since John has used Kane as his enforcer already, seems easy to see he’d call on him again. The Miz has been pining for a match at ‘Mania for weeks, and this is a great way to get him on the card. Otunga is Mr. Laurinaitis’ lap dog, so clearly he’d be involved. Dolph Ziggler, needs a match and it’d be a great opportunity to #ShowOff. Epico and Primo are the tag champs and will be heavily touted as such by Laurinaitis.

Smackdown: Randy Orton, Great Khali, Santino, Mark Henry, Kofi and R-Truth

Long will pick Smackdown’s top dog, Randy Orton to lead the charge on his behalf. Great Khali has the sideshow factor that Wrestlemania demands and despite his poor ringwork his size always impreses. Santino is US Champ and T-Long’s assistant so his inclusion squares with Otunga. Henry will be the lone heel on Smackdown’s team, as I’m sure he’ll want a match on the card, even if it’s to help Long. Kofi and R-Truth are a budding tag team and a great pick to combat Ace’s selection of the tag champ, given their upset victories of late.

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