Matt Hardy Returns to the Ring against Sid Vicious

Its no secret that we like to keep tabs on Matt Hardy here at the CDWS. When last we checked on young Matthew, he was out of rehab purporting to be a changed man. After a brief claim of retirement before his rehab stint, Hardy has since returned to working the independents. His newest YouTube video is up hyping his latest appearance with Pro Wrestling Syndicate facing Sid Vicious.

Matt’s resurrected his “Matt Hardy will not die!” catchphrase and I’ll give him credit he looks lucid, focused, and together in this promo. Even if a match with a 52 year old Psycho Sid would have been much more welcome back in the late 90’s, I salute Matt for channeling his inner carny and promoting the bout as if it were Match of the Century. Last I saw Sid still was pretty limited in the ring after his horrific leg injury back in 2001, but if working these indies is keeping Hardy from revisiting his demons, good for him.

Whatever your personal feelings about Matt Hardy, at this stage in his career, he should be at least a midcard player in one of the top three promotions. When on his game he’s an entertaining watch in the squared circle.

However, because of the very public troubles in his past, promotions may feel can’t be trusted. To already be working the “special attraction” match on an indy in front of a few hundred people while many of his peers, including his brother, are still kicking with the major promotions is a cautionary tale.

Echoing Dukes’ thoughts from our last Hardy update, other than promoting his appearances, I hope his support system keeps him off YouTube. Making a living and focusing on his sobriety should be top priority.


One Comment on "Matt Hardy Returns to the Ring against Sid Vicious"

  1. JustinWF says:

    Lets just hope Hardy can keep himself clean long enough to build back up his wrestling career. He is a great talent, but he needs a shot in the arm to get his career back on track.

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