Ring of Honor Recap 2/25/12

Welcome to our first Ring of Honor television recap, the first in what I hope will be a regular feature here at the CDWS. Ring of Honor has been good to Chad and Drab by providing some great guests like Jim Cornette, Jay Briscoe, and Adam Cole.

This week’s show is highlighted by a ROH World Championship match between Davey Richards and the ROH Television Champion, Jay Lethal.

The program begins with a video recap of last week’s Ring of Honor show. Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team had been scheduled to take on the Young Bucks, but Shelton Benjamin was suspended for refusing to pay a $5000 fine for hitting Mark Briscoe with a steel chair a few weeks back.

This brought Charlie Haas to the ring to lay the blame for Shelton’s suspension on Mark Briscoe for running into the chair. Haas would go on to challenge #DemBoys to a singles match. Mark Briscoe accepted but Haas added the stipulation that Jay would be handcuffed to the ringpost. Mark would go on to win the match but Haas would win the war by taking out Mark with two Olympic slams and a brutal chairshot.

After our opening credits, Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to the DuBurns Arena in Baltimore, Maryland.  We’re told that we’ll hear from the Briscoes after the events of last week and Kelly sends us to pre-recorded comments from the teams in our opening contest, the Young Bucks and Coleman and Alexander.

The Young Bucks are the team formerly known as Generation Me in TNA Impact Wrestling, who call themselves the biggest rock stars in professional wrestling. The Bucks are scheduled to face the Briscoes on March 4th’s Ring of Honor 10th Anniversary iPPV for the ROH Tag Team Championships and tell Coleman and Alexander that they are a “stepping stone”. The Bucks are the heels here and look like a version of the early Hardy Boyz with better mic skills. I’m not taking away from their ring skills but they feel like guys playing “heels” and not actually arrogant heels.

Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander are their opponents. Coleman gets a great line off about the Bucks having “sports entertainment attitudes and independent circuit bodies.”

Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander vs. The Young Bucks

The Young Bucks adhere to the Code of Honor to start the match…sort of. They shake each other’s hands rather than their opponents’. Coleman and Alexander get the early advantage with some nice double team moves on Matt Jackson of the Bucks. But the Young Bucks take over with a nice hanging double stomp after dizzying reversal spot. The Bucks are really quick in the ring.

Around four minutes in, Caprice Coleman gets the hot tag and nails a nice leg lariat on one Young Buck in the corner and floating into a dive onto the other Buck on the outside. The finish comes when Coleman is taken out with “More Bang for Your Buck”. If you’ve never seen this move here’s the sequence: Firemans Carry Slam by Matt Jackson, 450 Splash by Nick Jackson, Moonsault by Matt Jackson. Tandem finishers are what tag team wrestling is all about and Ring of Honor probably has the best tag division in the biz today.

Fun, fast-paced tag match, but essentially a squash. This match was a showcase for the Young Bucks heading into their Tag Title shot. To be honest, I don’t buy these two as a threat to the Briscoes in a real fight, I guess its good for them its professional wrestling.

Next up, to the back with the Embassy talking about tonight’s Ring of Honor Championship match. Tomasso Ciampa of the Embassy is challenging Jay Lethal for the Television Championship on March 4th’s Ring of Honor 10th Anniversary iPPV. He wants Jay Lethal to win tonight because whatever gold he has around his waist, Ciampa plans on taking it and being the first undefeated champion in Ring of Honor history.

Interview: The Briscoe Brothers

Back from commercial, the Briscoe Brothers head to the ring for an interview with Kevin Kelly. Jay starts off by putting the bad mouth on their opponents on March 4th in New York, the aforementioned Young Bucks. Dem Boys versus “Dem Lady Boys.” This is playing off Jay Briscoe’s recent YouTube promo on the Young Bucks.

Next up on Jay’s verbal hit list, the House of Truth. A few weeks back, the Briscoes won $5000 from the House of Truth and had big plans for their chicken farm in Sandy Fork, Delaware with the money. However, the always corny Truth Martini put a stop payment on the check so now Mark & Jay plan on beating payment out of him at the next Ring of Honor tapings in Baltimore, this Saturday night.

Finally based on the events of last week, Jay addressed World’s Greatest Tag Team who they will face on the WrestleMania Weekend “Showdown In the Sun” on iPPV. Jay Briscoe is so much fun with a microphone or a camera in front of him and has to be one of my favorite guys in ROH. Although with my long flowing hair he’d call me a “ladyboy” too.

Inside ROH

This week’s Inside ROH focuses on hyping March 4th’s Ring of Honor 10th Anniversary iPPV, “Young Wolves Rising” and the controversial Kevin Steen’s return to ROH Television. After brutalizing his opponent last week, Steen was challenged to a match on March 4th by Jimmy Jacobs, who was injured by Steen in December. Steen is another one of the best parts of Ring of Honor. Definately a case of “don’t judge a book by its cover.” While he doesn’t have your WWE physique, he’s got a nice stiff, unpredictable style and is good on the stick. Plus he’s constantly tweeting the Rock and finally got a response: 

Roderick Strong closes out the segment with his predictions for tonight’s main event but really makes the focus on his upcoming match with Eddie Edwards next week for a Championship Match at Showdown in the Sun.

In the final segment before our Main Event, Eddie Edwards and Adam Cole wonder if Davey Richards is looking past Jay Lethal to the match at “Young Wolves Rising.” Eddie Edwards and Adam Cole will face Davey Richards and Kyle O’Reilly. For those who don’t know, Edwards and Richards are former tag team partners as the American Wolves and Cole and O’Reilly are the team formerly known as Future Shock. So former tag team partners will collide March 4th in New York City.

ROH World Championship: Jay Lethal vs. Davey Richards

TNA really missed the boat with Jay Lethal, he’s good on the stick and good in the ring. I’d expect WWE to look his way in the future as a solid midcard talent. I’ve personally never been a big Richards fan. I think it may be the whole faux-MMA schtick he’s crafted over the last few months.

Lethal is the Television Champion, so much like Punk-Bryan this is a Champion versus Champion bout. Some nice back and forth action in the early going, with Lethal and Richards trading holds and reversals. Richards slows it down to gain control with a vicious drop kick and Trailer Hitch/Indian Death Lock submission attempt. After Lethal escapes there’s a nice sequence of the two trading submissions. Lethal hits a back breaker, Russian Leg Sweep, into an armbar submission which is then countered into a Brock Lock by Richards. Tomasso Ciampa makes his way to ringside before commercials with a steel chair to watch the match.

Back from the break, Lethal misses a dive onto Richards on the apron and eats a boot to the chest for his troubles. Richards then scores an suicide dive onto Lethal on the outside. Richards’ apprentice, Kyle O’Reilly, comes out to break up Richards confronting Ciampa. This opens the door for Jay Lethal to take control with a back handspring elbow.

After some more back and forth action we get the House of Truth-Truth Martini, Roderick Strong, and Michael Elgin coming to ringside to watch the match. Richards prevents Lethal from a top rope move by executing a superplex into another suplex into an armbar. Pretty sweet combo. The ringside area is getting crowded as Eddie Edwards and Adam Cole come to ringside as well.

A melee starts between all the guys surrounding the ring allowing Lethal to get a close two count with a top rope elbow drop. Finish comes when Lethal goes for “Lethal Injection” but the brawling on the outside spills over and Adam Cole is shoved into Lethal as he sets up his finisher and distracts him enough for Richards to nail him with a head kick for the pinfall.

Very competitive back and forth match that could have done without the outside forces. Having so many guys coming to ringside took away from focusing on the match. Overall, the show did a good job pushing their 10th Anniversary Show on iPPV at GoFightLiveTV and if you enjoy wrestling presented as an athletic contest the show is for you.

Next week’s Main Event is Eddie Edwards versus Roderick Strong for a ROH Championship match.

If you’re looking to check out Ring of Honor check HERE for a list of stations that air the show or you can watch it on their website. Ringside Members ($7.99 a month) can watch on the Monday after it airs on television and General Admission Members (Free) can watch it every Thursday.


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